Verandah is a Contemporary Asian Bistro that celebrates the richness of Singapore’s culinary heritage by bringing a modern yet authentic interpretation to a selection of local favourites. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
Spent a day at Garden by The Bay and feeling super hungry, we decided to settle for dinner at Verandah. The ambiance here is ideal for group gathering...with long benches. And seems like the place here is exceptionally packed on a weekend. We waited quite a while for them to clear the table before we sat down.Menu with many choices...so difficult to choose as there's Singapore selection as well.Iced Tea to quench our thirst.$19.80 -Daily Roasted Rosemary Chicken ~ chicken is not well marinated and the rosemary taste is quite like. It tasted more like normal roast chciekn and it is abit dry, luckily there was enough sauce served with it.$11.60 - Homemade Waffle with Ice-cream ~ Warm and crispy on the outside, moist, fluffy and mild vanilla taste inside. Great! But it's strange of the waiter to serve us our dessert before our main course. Shouldn't it be after the meal as having dessert before main course will curb one's appetite? ***Faint*** $14.60 - Bacon Wok Hei Aglio~ the restaurant ran out of linguine hence this aglio was served with penne instead. Not too bad! Fries with Brown Sauce~ Crispy n Salty! Yummy!$13.60 - Prawn Paste Wings~ The overall taste is too mild, maybe it's adjusted to suit tourists taste. The side dish achar is on a spicier side. $14.60 - Chicken Alfredo~ Rich and creamy sauce blend in well with the penne. As asparagus was added to the dish, it sort lighted the overall taste making it easier for 1 to finish the whole plate. Seems like all their pasta portion are quite generous! $9.50 - Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles~ Super yummy! 1 of the best restaurant serve hokkien mee. The yellow noodle is not soggy while the rice vermicelli has soaked in abit of the seasoning. the noodle is slightly wet with freshness of the meat and seafood. Best of all, there is crispy lard bits!$11.60 - Panda Box ~ kids bento for my friend's daughter!Comprises of cheesy sausages and mashed potato, fruits and puddingHad a good dining experience despite having some hiccups on the procedure of food being serve. most important is on the service, food, environment and the great companions. Prices are quite reasonable for the location, especially near a tourist attraction. Thumb's up! continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-20
Usually when we visit a tourist attraction, it was expected to pay for expensive and not so nice food. But it was a different case at Verandah situated in Gardens by the Bay.This restaurant is a fushion of local and western food. Set in the midst of a garden, the place did well to deco the place sort of like a park feel, with air-conditioning. The place has a very homely feel, bright and clean.As for the food, it was surprisingly nice! My definite recommendation would be the Curry Chicken and Tom Yum Seafood Pasta. Each set of food is about $10-15, quite reasonable for such a place and quality of food.Special mention to the kids' menu, it was served in a very cute lunch box, much to the delight of my 2 girls. Which probably helped them to be more enthusiastic to finish their meals.Latte was not bad, sitting a restaurant like this definitely is able to enjoy a nice afternoon. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
Had lunch with my colleagues during the September holiday. As my colleague had to attend a workshop at Garden by the Bay, we decided to have our lunch there so that he could make it for the workshop and joined us later in the evening at the ArtScience Museum. We took a cab there and started to hunt for a nice and affordable restaurant. At first, we thought of going to Bakerzin, but then we were attracted by this neat little restaurant near to the taxi stand. The colour theme of the restaurant is white and from the shopfront to the interior, most of the furniture were white. Very comfortable setting and we felt relaxed whilst dining there.You can find many contemporary Asian dishes in their menu such as Laksa, Curry Chicken with a bit of fusion too. For example, I ordered the "Wok-Hei" Spaghetti. It sounds good and I also hoped that it would taste as good as the name seemed. However, I was slightly disappointed. The dish didn't really "wow" me and in fact, I thought it could be easily whipped up at home. Around $15. On the other hand, 2 of my colleagues ordered their set lunch at $14++, which came with a chicken main, soup and coke, they said that the chicken was really very tender. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)