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Nestled amid the lush greenscape of HortPark, Vineyard is a charming “garden-to-table” French-Italian restaurant where every visit warrants a feast for the senses. Vineyard recreates the provincial experience with its beautifully aged-wood tables, overhung foliage and edible garden taking you on a journey away from the bustling city. continue reading
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If you had to bring your girlfriend to a hidden place with great food and you do not mind splurging abit, Vineyard is the place!The charming french restaurant is hidden amidst the green garden scape of HortPark and because it is secluded if you go on a week day you can almost have a 90% chance of having the whole restaurant to yourself!Firstly, as a french restaurant, you can expect free flow of bread from most of them. Although the bread were delicious, the presentation of the bread was somewhat lowly in comparison to the rest becase it came in a kind of baking case that people use to put cakes straight in the oven. Nevertheless, no complaints there. I love a good onion soup so I ordered one and the beef broth was really thick and tasty. The stock was also not overpowering with the smell of beed, and the cheese gratin on top was done well, proportionate to the ratio of soup so that it does not take over the dish. Thumbs up to that!For mains, I had the Malabar snapper, served with couscous, broccollini, roastedvine tomatoes & essence of bell peppers. The presentation was wonderful and as with many fine didning places, the food portions look small but it was filling. Snapper was fresh and 'fat', and even the simple vegetables were cooked so well you really taste the freshness of it. My boyfriend had the olive oil–poached Tenderloin, served with pickled orange & arugula–datesalad, hazelnuts, grilled king mushroom & red wine sauce. Beef was done superbly well and ever so tender. Mushroom was succulently grilled and everything just fell so well together!We didn;t order a dessert because we were just too full, but seriously, the quality of food is good. It was not cheap though, just the tenderloin already cost $48. To get it cheaper and if you have friends who drive, do go for their set lunches which are basically the same mains at half the price!   continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-23
I have been to Hort Park once, for an event once hosted by a political party sometime ago, and it was then I discovered there was a restaurant there called Vineyard. Hence one day, we decided to give Vineyard a try, and drove up for dinner.As most restaurants in natural reserves, Vineyard is a French restaurant decorated prettily with soothing lightings within, and offers a cosy alfresco dining ambience as well, for those who prefer to dine with the wind in their faces. In fact, the restaurant looked pretty elegant from the outside, encased in glass and with dark rustic aged wood furnishings.There is also an outdoor patio area for those who wish to enjoy drinks and sit by the beautiful reflective pool, catching the first rays of sunset. This is utterly romantic and glorious.The Duck Confit is served with orzo, pickle dorange salad, dates, asparagus, foie gras and orange hoisin emulsion. While not exceedingly crispy the way I like it, the duck is tender on the inside, and tastes a lovely blend of saltiness with sweetness of the ingredients. I loved the combination of duck confit and foie gras in one dish - two of my favorite food of all time. The foie gras though, was tender but rather bland on the taste herein.The Wagyu Beef Cheeks and Mashed Potatoes - served in steaming hot pans - was divine. Meltingly soft, succulent and richly infused with the delicious aroma of marinated beef, this dish is a keeper. The mashed potatoes were a little too "liquid" for our liking though. For more detailed information and photos, please check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/dinner-at-vineyard-hort-park.html continue reading
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Level2 2012-04-02
We ventured upon Vineyard when we were jogging at Hort Park one evening and was drawn by their warm and cosy atmosphere. So we made a promise to come back one day when we were better dressed (we know better than to cause distress to the other patrons with our stinky sports attires). And what was a more appropriate occasion than our 1st year wedding anniversary? Emanating a warm glow out of its tall glass windows into the park, the restaurant was like a beacon in the sea of black. It makes for a great place for date nights since it wasn't intimidating and stuffy, but yet suitable enough for a quiet dinner for two (and of course more). And if you are indecisive on the type of cuisine, the menu offered an array of Thai, French and Italian favourites. Fancy being served the best of all worlds in one place!First up to tantalize the palates, we had Thai Fish Cake served with Spicy Mango Salad. These were springy and moist when bitten, although they could do with less oil. The Mango Salad helped cut that back slightly and provided a refreshing kick. I loved how Alv's Braised Lamb Shank was served in such rustic style. Cooked in Shiraz, it came succulent and fell off the huge bone with ease. Along with seasonal veg and a mini cocotte of Potato Mousseline, I couldn't stop dipping my spoon in the latter, which was all rich and creamy goodness. My order of Duck Leg Confit with Onion Marmalade and Orange reduction came with a crisp skin and wasn't too bad. It just wasn't particularly memorable or mind-blowing, though I did recall how the Onion sauce got quite overwhelming after one too many taste.As much as we would have liked to, we couldn't take on desserts and for a place call Vineyard, we didn't go for any wine. They were sold by bottles, which was far too much for just the two of us. So we called it a night, but we are probably going back again. This time with a truckload of folks, so that we get to try more! continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-07
http://thechosenglutton.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/vineyard-hortpark/The first ever time I came across this picturesque restaurant at the tranquil Hortpark was years ago. I must come here, one day, I thought to myself. Years from then, a good friend of mine brought this restaurant up, while we were talking about food, and she insisted that I must try it. Of course I agreed whole-heartedly. Then months from then, we ended up, there at Vineyard @ Hortpark. I’m not going to deny that Hortpark is inaccessible, but the excitement, eagerness and satisfaction you get from realizing at the end of the day, that the trip there is all worth it, is worth it all. Turn left at the main entrance, right to the Visitors’ Centre or sort, you can find this hidden gem.The name of the restaurant already sounds posh, and it was when we put the face of the restaurant to the name upon reaching the destination. For a better ambience inside, and outside of the restaurant, go during dinner time! For me, I was so torn between having a seat indoors or outdoors. The indoors was decorated so cozily, air-conditioned. The outdoors on the other hand, was quieter in comparison, and a much more romantic business. Figuring that my friends and I weren’t here exactly for romantic businesses, lol, we headed into the shelter.I was looking through the menu of the restaurant. Very interestingly, they have a good mix of dominantly Thai, Italian and French cuisines. Of course, it’s called Vineyard for a reason – they house about a hundred different world wine labels. I’d think that it’s a haven for wine-lovers. I also like the fact that they have an interesting array of desserts. Some of which doesn’t look too appetizing like the Warm Lemon Lava Cake, Chantilly Cream, Sesame Tuile. Very disappointingly, they didn’t have it on the day we went there. But I’d be sure to try it the next time I’m there (oh hell yes sure I’ll be there again).Grilled Prawns in Piquant Dressing with Pomelo Salad ($14++) :: Abundance of pomelo, but not so much on the grilled prawns. If I didn’t remember wrongly, you can count the number of prawns with a hand. But the awesomeness makes up for the lack of numbers. These prawns are those that cooked to perfection – just right the tenderness, nowhere near hard, tough. These are the ones worth indulging in every inch of it. If you love pomelo too, it’s an extra, extra bonus I’m telling you.Pizza All Meat, Angus Beef Ragout, Aged Salami, Corona Ham ($22++) :: Beef content, as you can see. It looks promising, but doesn’t taste as much. I was a tad’ disappointed with it, to be honest. I love cold cuts, hams, salami, but I thought the pizza toppings didn’t bring out the flavors that the individuals could have brought out more distinctly single-handedly.Oven Roasted Wild Snapper with Seasonal Vegetables, Lemon Caper Noisette ($28++) :: You must be kidding me if you tell me that you’re not drooling after seeing the dish. I love love love the presentation of all the dishes, especially this exotic looking Snapper, coupled with it being oven roasted, one of my favorite types of cooking. It’s well-marinated, no sauce required for it to taste good, although the lemon was a good company. The only thing that bothers me is the container of the course – it makes it hard to cut up the fish and pick it up with ease. Nevertheless, oh who cares, I love it in a nutshell.Sticky Date Pudding with Butter Scotch, Vanilla Ice Cream ($12++) :: We were recommended this, and told that the Sticky Date Pudding here isn’t as sweet as some other places serve it. With me already eyeing the dessert even before we ask for recommendation, I pointed it to the waitperson and nodded my head, give me one. True enough, it isn’t as sweet. The Ice Cream complements the Date Pudding well enough it was enjoyable.Traditional Tiramisu ($12++) :: I love this Tiramisu. It is not only sufficient in quantity, but also in its flavor. It’s rich and thick, which some may not like it as much. But for me, yes yes yes. Again, the presentation just makes it all more treaty.I have to compliment their service. It was top-notch. We reached the restaurant at 6pm, but didn’t order until 8pm (we had some agenda, but that’s besides the point). The restaurant was full, but I didn’t feel that we were rushed at all. In fact, I was feeling guilty on our part. I appreciate it a lot. They know their courses well too, and very genuine when serving us, providing us with recommendations. Can you imagine, the whole experience, was just complete with good food, service and definitely ambience. I am too impressed. With that said, it’d be smart to make a reservation if you don’t intend to head there early.—> Note #1: On weekdays, lunch is from 12pm – 3pm, and then starting their dinner again at 6pm till 11pm for Mon – Thur and 1am for Friday.—> Note #2: They have a kids corner specially for families on weekends. continue reading
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