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Watami Group is the top food & beverage brand in Japan. The company has grown into 600 branches in Japan and 30 other outlets overseas in a short span of 25 years. With their original dishes and signature beverages, Watami has proven to be a market leader in product development and understanding consumer’s everchanging tastes and preferences. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-30
It was really crowded here in this Japanese restaurant but I still managed to get a seat for myself after a long 15 minutes outside the restaurant. The restaurant is quite warm and noisy due to it is too crowded with too many customers.  Restaurant layout is nice and cosy.  Service is very friendly and helpful too.Have bought the Gomoku Kamameshi, which is the hotpot rice with seafoods ($12.80).  Salmon, prawns inside are very fresh but the portion was quite little.  Even the Japanese rice inside is also too little portion for me.  Taste was simple and no special flavour can be found in this dish except lots of japanese soy sauce taste.Macha Parfait $6.80 is the green tea ice cream with some sweet topping.  Looks nice but too many cereal at the bother of this dessert and is too dry and not flavourful. continue reading
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Watami never fails me as a quality casual Japanese restaurant - and i like to bring foreign friends here for a casual meal. As we were not feeling too hungry, we didnt order the set meals but the value for money dishes left us satsified!I ordered a dish called the Beancurd roll with avocado and prawns. I really loved it because I love beanskin and the dish was very fresh and not too heavy, good for starters!  In fact, it reminded me of the viet fresh spring rolls. However, there fillings were not very generous as I felt like i only tasted a small piece of avocado in one of the portions and the rest were mostly just greens. I also liked their Katsu Rice Set which came with a choice of chicken katsu served with rice. The katsu portion was huge and very crispy on the outside. A portable stove is brought to the table and a raw egg is supplied so that you can add this to the pan when it is sizzling hot so one gets a scrambled egg gravy drenching the sliced katsu. I did find the sauce abit salty though, but eating it with the rice makes it less so. My friend ordered the Watami Tonkotsu ramen. I tried a spoonful of it, and needless to say, cannot compare with the other ramen places which specialises in Tonkotsu. The broth tasted quite watery and lacking the porky taste. The noodles were overcooked and the eggs were fully boiled (no runny yolks). I wouldnt recommend this dish if you really like ramen as I think you can get something better elsehwhere at the same price. Lastly, we also had the hot stone bibimbap. This dish was not bad, given that its a japanese restaurant. I like the fact that it is cooked on the hot stone, and you can really smell the fragrance of the rice cooking. Other than that, I think this is quite a fullproof dish as long as you have enough of the pepper sauce in it! Well, generally I think I will always recommend watami for a budget friendly meal with good quality food.   continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-05
Its the small thought that matters most to me. Thanks Openrice for remembering my birthday. Watami is one of the Food Partners with Openrice Singapore. Whilst shopping at City Hall, I decided to have lunch at Watami located at the basement of Raffles City Shoping Centre.My first encounter with Ramen was at Narita International Airport in Tokyo while waiting for our transit to Hawaii.I remembered paying like US$10 for a bowl of plain ramen. There was no ingredient.I hardly eat ramen but decided to try something new from Watami Ramen Special Menu.Ordered a new dish from the menu which is Watami Tonkotsu Ramen and Miso Yakionigin Set at S$15.80++.This is the Watami Ramen Set with grilled rice ball topped with Miso Paste. I chose Root Beer for the complimentary soft drink that goes together with this set.I was served with a small bowl of fresh salad with Sesame Peanut dressing. The dressing is very fragrant and goes well with the vegetables.The grilled miso rice balls are crunchy and crispy topped with miso paste. Garlic added to the miso paste enhanced the flavour of the rice balls.The special pork broth for the ramen are made from fresh pork bones, carrots, onions and other vegetables stewed for 48 hours over low heat. Bone marrow is added to make the soup more fragrant and nutritious.Though there was only 2 slices of quality pork, I was told that the pork meat are cooked in secret sauce and simmered over one hour low heat.The half boiled flavoured egg are cooked together with garlic and ginger in special sauce.The ramen was springy made from high mineral wheat flour that gives a unique surface texture to complement the pork slices.Together in the broth are thinly sliced leeks and bean sprouts adding freshness to the whole combination.The black sesame oil is the best match with the pork bone soup.A light and hearty meal full of delicious ingredients and Watami No. 1 best seller. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-31
Watami has grown to be a chain with many different branches across singapore. The one at raffles city is always very full, and there is usually a queue during dinner hours. I tried the seafood doria - something like baked rice - the amount of cheese given was generous, and the seafood went well with the whole dish as well; the rice was not overbaked and was just right. My friend had the mixed hotplate, which was good as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-28
We had a group of 5 People and the bill totaled $64.40. It was a pleasant experience for us because we came slightly before lunch time and held our meetings. There was a queue outside but the waiters didn't explicitly made us leave but hinted to us by asking if we wanted any desserts or anything else from the menu. I love their wise service! Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice - $4.90. This is actually a special pricing for students during lunch hours, and it's much more delicious than Pepper lunch. Besides, it's even half-the price! The beef was chewy and not all too fatty, and there were an abundance of corn as you can see. I really love this, and I think I can eat this for a month, really. The rice was definitely japanese high-grade rice and they didn't compromise on that.Iced Milk Tea (Left) - $2.80. I finished my iced milk tea even before I was halfway through my beef rice. It's a tad too delicious, not very sweet but in right proportion. I love how they are health conscious and excluded pearls, because a real iced milk tea does not depend on pearls to make it delicious! Yuzu Soda - $2.80. My friend ordered this and I had a sip. It was like drinking sugar water with gassy bubbles. It totally fits my taste buds as if my tongue was just born for this juice, I'd definitely order this against the milk tea in future! Extremely refreshing and unique-tasting.Chicken Katsu Toji - $6.90As usual, chicken katsu toji is an extremely large portion and even my friend couldn't finish it. We shared the chicken and the delicious milky/scrambled egg, and I love how it perfectly blends well together.. chicken and egg, you see. This is great for people who don't want to venture away too far from the local food! If you're a huge fan of crispy chicken, or KFC, you would definitely LOVE THIS! Watami Onigiri - $15.80 (inclusive of ramen)I'd go bonkers for this. I'm sorry that I didn't have a shot of the ramen, because one of my dear friends gobbled it up real fast and all I could take was the onigiri. It was really delicious, but the over-excessive carbohydrates caused her to be quite full. I would suggest that Watami decreases their portion and their prices as well, its' like we are paying for food in excess that we can't even finish. Anyway, this is rather pricey but if you're in for a great meal in Watami, you should just go ahead and part with the dollars! It's authentic, that's for sure.Watami is a dining outlet that provides a great environment, great food along with your great chosen-company of friends continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)