Watami is a casual dining restaurant serving authentic Japanese fare at decent prices. continue reading
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Chicken Katsu Sukiyaki Watami Salad
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Level3 2014-03-04
Good:- Chicken crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.- Scrambled egg sauce complements the chicken perfectly while not coming out too salty.- Nice ambience for a relaxing dinner after work or a gathering with friends.- Conveniently located near the MRT station and within a mall.Overall:Will return again as it taste excellent. Will also recommend friends to try it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-16
I headed for dinner with a group of friends the previous week and we went to Watami. With a big group, we ordered 2 of the same sets but with different side dishes as well as a few other ala carte items.I think the set is more economical than ordering ala carte and you get to share and try different items. Each set costs $49. Our sets came with the following: Of course, the main dish is The sumptous sukiyaki pot filled with lots of goodies! We also ordered a pizza to share and its really good! You know how amazing it is when the Japanese restaurants are equally good or better at creating Western dishes? Or maybe its just their take of the dish. I always though its quite costly eating at Watami but with the sets, its quite affordable.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-08
zeppin soup konbu dashi chanko nabe (with udon) there were pork, chicken and seafood in it. portion was quite a lot. the soup tasted average though. the refilling of soup was done promptly when there were not much soup in it.watami saladthe dressing was really good and i love the egg on top, when mixed together with the salad, tasted really good especially when the yolk's wet.sashimi moriawase 3 kinds of assorted sashimi - prawns, salmon and scallop. the scallop was good and it was mildly sweet. the salmon was alright and did not taste very fresh. wafu pizzathis thin crust pizza with thinly sliced pork and teriyaki chicken was a little salty. the chicken was very tender though. tempura moriawasethe assorted tempura was average-tasting only and lacking of flavour. salmon sushi don.salmon was fresh. deep fried chicken rice bowlthe chicken was quite crispy and tender but they were quite oily and had visible fats in it.we ordered 2 sets for 6 pax and it was enough for all of us to have a filling meal. There's a $49 and $59 set available. Portion's too much for 2 pax and it will be ideal for 3 to share. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-17
Beside sushi tei, Watami is my next favorite japanese restaurant as they serve affordable and yummy food. I'm back again to this place and this time round I've tried out different dishes. I love the teppanyaki here, its a Japanese omelette with pork and cabbage in it. I love the okonomiyaki sauce that is topped on top, makes it very tasty Next, the beef cubes are very tender and chewy. and my favorite gotta be the scallops!! very fresh and deeply fried. Although its a bit too oily but we love it continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
From my experience, Watami's food and service never fail to please us. Going back for more of their variety of food is certainly the thing to do as showing support to them.And to save the hassle, we choose their Special Set menu at $59 for 2 persons rather than being so indecisive in ordering.Caesars Salad Half w Hot Spring Egg HalfFirst thought, it was a normal bowl of salad that has hard-boiled eggs. But here, they used soft-boiled egg instead. I can't figure out if they put salad sauce or is the effect of the egg that makes the overall taste just like any other Caesars Salad. Can you imagine when you can't differentiate if it is sauce or soft-boiled egg that is blend/mix with the salad? This is definitely awesome. Everything is good for this bowl of salad, fresh ingredients. What's more can you ask for?Salmon SashimiIt is never enough when it comes to fresh salmon sashimi. 6 slices for 2 persons. I need about 10 slices on my own. Dipped in the light soya sauce, it is just so perfect.Agetate Atsuage (Deep Fried Tofu)I still don't understand why they top it with Katsuobushi (or okaka) but anyway as usual like any other Japanese restaurants, this deep fried tofu is crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. But it tastes bland. So what I do is dipped with the soup base of Kankoku Butechige hotpot. The way I have it is just like I'm having Malay food called Lontong. But at least in this way, it tastes a little better than just bland. Try it. Or maybe you can invent another way of eating instead of mine. Ebi Tempura Maki - Main DishIt is simply just shrimp tempura roll. Nothing to rave about. But for certain, this is just to satisfy our craving for sushi as it has been long since we had it. Okay maybe I should say that the shrimp has a little sweetness on every bite. The shells are kind of soft. Kankoku Butechige - HotpotHere comes the hotpot. In their menu, it says that it is some Korean style of army hotpot that serves with pork in it. It comes with a bowl of Japanese rice too. And this is the soup base that I used to dip my fried tofu. You can find 2 types of mushrooms, pork belly, carrot, potato, mini sausage, small amount of kimchi, tofu, beansprouts, instant noodles, cabbage and one special thing and that is Ddeokbokki aka Korean Stir Fried Rice cake. Amazing right? Can you imagine when the soup is boiled, a variety of flavours come bursting in your mouth? The ingredient that made up this hotpot are nice and tasty. Most importantly, fresh!Hotate Butter Yaki - Side DishBecause being too judgmental, I thought I'm cheated again when it was served up. Small or shrinked scallops. But it tastes good unexpectedly. We never sprinkle with lemon and just have it at its original. The taste is juicy and chewy. The scallops are probably dip in butter batter before pan-frying or just glazing over it with butter. The buttery taste is there.And we end our meal with a Hot Jasmine Green Tea. Definitely worth the price for this Special Set and you don't have to be indecisive on what to choose. Portion wise is certainly enough for 2 persons. As it all depends on individual taste buds, my verdict may not be convincing but you can try it personally to prove me wrong.For a full review, check out http://mingmingisstella.blogspot.com/2013/07/food-review-watami-singapore.html continue reading
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