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Watami Group is the top food & beverage brand in Japan. The company has grown into 600 branches in Japan and 30 other outlets overseas in a short span of 25 years. With their original dishes and signature beverages, Watami has proven to be a market leader in product development and understanding consumer’s everchanging tastes and preferences. continue reading
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Chicken Katsu Sukiyaki Watami Salad
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Level3 2014-11-28
I particularly like the Wafu pizza from Watami. The pizza has chicken, shredded vegetables, mushrooms and drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. I find that the ingredients are well-combined for a great taste. Sweet and salty well combined. The helpings of chicken and mushroom could be made more generous though. The best part is its super thin crust which makes it very crispy and crunchy. $10.80 for a pizza. Though ex but quite value-for-money since it's so yummy.Staff service is friendly and attends to queries patiently. The ambience of this store is quiet and nice. Good for place to talk. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-19
Watami never fails me when I need a nice Japanese meal without spending a bomb. The staff are friendly, the dining environment is pleasant and laid back and the colourful, droolworthy menu has almost every type of popular Japanese food one can think of ~ sashimi, sushi, sukiyaki, takoyaki, tempura, tonkatsu, udon, ramen, yakitori, etc...something for everyone.  We headed here for an early dinner prior to our movie, and were fazed by the choices available. Arriving just shy of 5pm made life easier as we could order from their menu of weekday value sets, priced from $9.80++ to $17.80++. Each set includes a side salad, miso soup and choice of coffee, tea or soft drink. I opted for the tori oyako don while my dining companion had the ishiyaki buta don. Our main courses arrived within ten minutes of placing our orders. While Watami is positioned as a casual family restaurant, we spotted students, couples and working adults during our visit, and the items we ordered, while not top end Japanese food, were tasty, served piping hot and contained good quality ingredients. The tori oyako don had plenty of chicken chunks and a MSG-free scrambled egg gravy that was the perfect consistency to stir into the rice beneath and coat each grain thoroughly.   My makan kaki, a self-confessed, fussy diner, could not find fault with his order  either. The buta don was topped by juicy, thick slices of pork and was served in a sizzling stone pot. The buta don had a fabulous aroma when the server brought it to our table. Having the set meals meant we were eligible to order selected appetizers and desserts at half price. The teba (usual $7.80++, only $4.00++ with set meal) i.e. deep fried chicken wing mid joint, would be a great accompaniment with beer. The teba was served with a sprinkling of fragrant sesame seeds and drizzled with black pepper sauce that made them delightfully crispy and morerish.We had neither space in our stomachs nor the time to order any dessert. After such a hearty and satisfying meal, it would take a movie with eye candy and a riveting plot to keep both of us from snoozing in the cineplex. continue reading
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Level1 2014-03-03
I am not a fan of Japanese food, but I was given a chance to try it out at Watami at City Square Mall by Open Rice Food Tasting. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much, I was expecting myself to like the raw food at all. But the first bite on their salad and their salmon just changed my entire opinion on Japanese food, and one day, I'm definitely going back! I first ordered was the Mango Yakult. It was simply delicious and sweet. It tasted so natural! It was not diluted at all. The thickness was just nice. With the mango slice at the top of the cup, it just looked very appealing for a mango lover. Next, the Watami salad was served. There was a variety of greens with prawns and chicken. With the topping, a home made sauce, it had a sweet taste to it, which was a good combination with the variety of greens! The Salmon and Avocado Sushi came next. It was simply delicious. I tried salmon before, and I didn't have a good impression of salmon because of its' fishy taste, however, the salmon on the sushi was really fresh and had no fishy taste, mixing the sushi with a bit of the soy sauce and wasabi with compliments of the avocado, its one sushi I will never forget and definitely go back to have more of it! Next was the Hotpot, the soup was pork broth, it was not bad, just slightly salty to my liking. The main part of the hot pot was of course the fresh oysters who took the plane directly from Japan. The taste was simply amazing. The oysters were very fresh and very very juicy. Its something oyster lovers will have to try! Its a pity I forgotten to take the photo of the salmon platter with came with two tiger prawns. It tasted not bad. I quite liked the salmon from there. Again, it was pretty fresh and had no fishy smell to it, which was a plus point to that whole platter. It time for the Wafu pizza! The looks of it was just okay, it was thin crust pizza with terriyaki chicken topped with mayonnaise sauce. Personally, I didn't really like it, there wasn't much chicken for the filling, and also the crust was really really thin. If it was slightly thicker, it would have been better. It was just something normal to me.Last but not least, the Watami Tonkutsu Ramen came! The looks of it was really appetizing! Sadly, there were only two pieces of pork and an egg. Which to me, was really plain. The soup is again the pork broth, like I said above, I find it a bit too salty to my liking. But the noodle was nice, it was chewy! Next is something everyone will be looking forward to after our meals! DESSERTS! We were given two desserts to eat! The chocolate parfait and the matcha ice cream! I personally prefer the matcha ice cream! The green tea ice cream was really good! The green tea taste was authentic. With compliments of the chewy rice balls and strawberries, simply irresistible. On the other hand, the chocolate parfait was just okay! The top was normal chocolate ice cream with the centre filled with cereals. Overall, I would say the food was really good. It will be worth a second visit. I recommend this place for couples but no for a large group as the portion is not very big and yet pricey. The service crew was efficient too, serving you with a smile, definitely put a smile to our face which helped us to enjoy the food too. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-20
Actually I wanted to eat Sakae Sushi but I can't find it, so I just entered Watami for some finger food. I think this branch is newly opened or renovated - when we stepped in there's a painting smell. We went at around 3pm so there's not much people here, but we waited for about 30mins for the food waiting time as the waitress told us that there's something wrong with their gas A bowl of chawamushi which costs $4 was very expensive when it tasted normal only. The tempura prawn was okay, fried until very crispy but the prawn was very small. The fried tako was quite hard to chew, tasted normal, all their portions were so small but price so expensive!Their service was not very good,can see that staff was quite free standing there but never bothered to refill our drinks. I had to ask for 3 times. Only on the 4th time, the waitress came on her own initiate to ask if we still want to refill our drink. but they greet us with smilefood wise just average but a bit over priced continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)