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The freshest seafood, hand-me-down recipes and homemade pastas are what to expect at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano. Here, Southern Italian classics are served up with seasonal produce and sprinkles of la dolce vita. These are best paired with a bottle from the extensive wine collection that takes diners on a journey across Italy. Savour the house wine, Nero d'Avola, the most important red wine grape in Sicily, in the unique Boccalino. For coffee lovers, baristas are trained to brew the perfect Illy cuppa throughout the day. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-22
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/02/invited-tasting-revisit-waterfall-cafe.htmlIt seems the breezy little spot is fast discarding its image as an in-house-guest-only destination, and coming into its own. The Southern Italian fare is excellent; hearty and soulful yet refined. Although the restaurant was a full-house at the revisit, service was surprisingly efficient and gracious.We had:1) Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Ragu di Crostacei ($29) - homemade chitarra pasta laced with shrimp and tossed with garlic, chilli, and extra virgin olive oil, and lemon: it's very saucy, but that's the best part, aside from the swimmingly fresh prawns and perfectly al dente pasta. So good, you'll ask for a spoon to wipe this clean off.2) Spigola all'Acqua Pazza ($36) - Neapolitan-style seabass served with cherry tomatoes, olives, and capers, in a white wine sauce: exquisite and delicate. I only wished they'd drown this in more of that white wined broth, it was that outstanding.3) Agello Arrosto con Timo e Patate ($36) - roasted lamb rack flavoured with thyme and served with new potatoes and sauteed vegetables: the husband thought it was lusciously cooked, and robust in flavour, I thought it was too full-bodied.4) Sharing Dessert ($32): great sampler of their greatest hits. In descending order of preference, I liked the Tiramisu, Ricotta cheesecake, Biancomangiare, and Profiteroles continue reading
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Nestled behind a large man-made waterfall within the lush gardens of Shangri-La Orchard is The Waterfall Restaurant, now an Italian restaurant offering unique and authentic Southern Italian cuisine helmed by Chef Marco De Vincentis. This restaurant used to serve a more health-conscious menu but has since closed and is revamped to its fully-Italian state now.Within these walls of eclectic colonial interiors, Silician native Chef Marco introduces a salumeria menu of exclusive, imported cold cuts and cheeses, as well as 26 new a la carte heirloom creations, including 5 vegan dishes. The seafood are fresh and pastas are handmade as well, and they would all be included in the specially curated menu.We started with the Insalata di Granchio e Finocchi (SGD$23.00) basically translated into Crab Salad with Fennel, comprising of oranges, fennels, crab, mixed salad, black olives, cherry tomatoes and Tropea onions. It was a flavourful starter made up of a multitude of colours, sealing in the sweetness of the cold crab, the citrusy delight of oranges, the slight bitterness of fennel leaves and piquant spicy taste of the red Tropea onions. Definitely appetite-whetting and we were well-prepped for the next course.Next, it was to be Spigola all'Acqua Pazza (SGD$36.00) - a refreshing and light Neapolitan-style dish of sea bass with fresh cherry tomato, olives, asparagus, capers, wine and parsley. The sea bass was softly flakey, its milky flesh was luscious with freshness. The sauce was sweet, slightly zesty, lending an edge to the light dish perfectly.Following that, the Agnello Arrosto con Timo e Patate (SGD$36.00) - roasted lamb rack with potatoes, thyme and sautéed vegetables. A very good rack it was - tender lamb with slight crisp on the exterior, boosting of a light, smokey hint to its heavier flavour. the flesh was easy on the knife and the teeth, infusing the palate with heartily good flavours. The sautéed vegetables added refreshing tangy touch to it.The Ricotta Cheesecake (SGD$15.00) - rich, creamy and dense in texture, tasting a little like a yogurt cake because of its natural sweetness. This little piece of heaven is the perfect antidote after a heavier meal, sweetening the palate before another glass of white or sherry.Finally, Tiramisu (SGD$15.00), a very Italian dessert - I seldom go for an Italian meal without having one of these. A moistened slab of coffee-and-amaretto infused sponge cake, with a velvety texture and tasting sharply of its components, this one won my heart. I loved how it melted upon contact with my tongue but the flavour lingered long and smooth, like a fine piece of music.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/11/media-invite-dinner-at-ristorante.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-01
The cafe is next to the swimming pool and offers Antipasti buffet lunch from Monday to Saturday at $38++ for adult and $19 for child. For additional $6++, one will get a choice of main course. Else for additional $10++, one will get a choice of main course and a choice of dessert. For main course, there is quite a range of choices from Pasta (Spaghetti Carbonara, Black Ink Risotto) to Meat (Roasted Chicken Roll, Stewed Pork Shank) to Seafood (Grilled Tuna Steak, Roasted Black Cod) to Pizza (Sausages, Four Cheese) to Vegetarian (Garden Minestrone). For dessert, there is Dark chocolate mouuse with raspberry jelly & mint, Apple & banana crumble with vanilla ice cream, and Tart of the day with ice cream or sorbet.There is both indoor and outdoor dine in area. But due to the warm weather, most prefer dining indoor with air con around. The place is decorated in a relaxing style with comfy armchairs and sofas. Little JJ has a great time as he makes himself at home by milk while lying on the sofa. There is assorted magazines on the shelf by the wall, with a box of scarfs should anyone feels cold.Although I have made a reservation a few weeks ago, the table is not made ready for us. Table setting has not done when we are shown to the table. Menu is not shown to us. Overall the service is quite messy although the place is not very crowded. It seems that the staffs seem to be lacking of direction. Finally a staff comes to do the table setting but leaves halfway through when I ask about the menu. In the end we have to wait for another staff do to the table setting. Finally I receive the menu. Again when I ask the staff about the tart of the day, she seems lost and have to wait for another to reply me.The Antipasti buffet stretch looks small with just 2 rows of tables. But what is available looks great. There are salads, Prosciutto e Melone (cantaloupe and Prosciutto Ham), a range of 4 different Chorizo, a range of 6 different types of cheese, a nice range of bread, Frittata (an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche), Roasted Veal, marinated octopus and smoked fish.While having the buffet, the first staff who has left halfway after doing the table setting, asks me if I wish to have dessert. I am shocked as I have not have my main course yet. Another staff kindly comes along after about 10 minutes to inform me that the main course would be served later, so that I would have enough time to enjoy the buffet first.Grilled Tuna Steak3 pieces of seared tuna, served with thinly sliced celery and tomato, plus a dash of sea salt on top. A bit too oily, but still tastes quite light.After the buffet, a staff comes along to ask us if we want any tea or coffee. Although there is a range of tea available, he is unable to name us the list of tea available. So I ask for a menu instead. Instead a aunty turns up to take order. We order a flower tea, a rose tea and a chamomile tea. But interestingly we are served a chamomile tea, rose tea and peppermint tea in that order. I am surprised that rose tea is served in teabag form, while the rest in flower/ leave forms.Peach Tart with Ice CreamThere are 3 tarts available today : peach tart, strawberry tart and blueberry crumble. I decide on the peach tart as it looks quite juicy. The crust is thin and buttery. Best of all it does not taste too sweet. Served with vanilla ice cream and crumble, it is a very nice combination.Overall the food is not bad. Limited but tasty and filling. But the service is very bad especially for a five star hotel. As there is a 15% discount for online reservation, I am surprised to receive the bill without the discount. I have to remind the staff about it. I am very disappointed. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-08
I attended a conference at Shangrila Hotel. Meals were served. I had the followings for my meal : 1)Assorted breads2)Mushroom soup with chives3)Chicken Roulade with potato puree, black pepper beans and roast cherry tomatoes4)Salty Caramel Apple Tatin with Orange Crème Aglaise & Esspresso CrumbleThe breads were soft and warm. There were strong baking smell. Breads from hotel are very disappointing. The breads are small and soft and when butter is spread over the soft flour, the munch was great. The hotel had also offered cheesestick and the cheese was long and crispy. The mushroom soup was thick and could bit the grind mushroom and boiled to creamy texture. When the chives blended with the mushroom cream, it removed the mushroom smell. The chicken was tender and just baked. It was a chicken fillet roll and baked over oven. The presentation looked perfect. Even the fillet was rolled, it was easy to cut. Eating the fillet only without the potato puree was still alright. The fillet was not tough. Of course, when the meat blended with the potato puree for sauce, the sauce enhanced the fillet. The cherry tomatoes were soft and juicy. The espresso crumble was overdone and it was not crumbled anymore. It had turned soggy. The salty caramel apple tatin had added too much orange crème and found that the dessert was too sweet. The design of the dessert were not attractive. There were many items on one dish and wondered where are the focus eating point. The items were position too far apart, suggest that the chef uses a smaller plate and add chocolate droplets to create design on the dish. continue reading
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Shangri-La Hotel.Garden Wing.Poolside.Waterfall Café.I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but to feel all zen and relaxed already.Waterfall Café, a Mediterranean restaurant, is Shangri-La’s 1-year old addition to its F&B line. It is a viable dining alternative if buffet at the renowned The Line isn’t your cup of tea. I would, however, like to look at this more of a restaurant, what with its posh and cozy interior. The shades of brown and beige create a warm, ‘lived in’ feeling; they also evoke a neutral and simple touch to your dining experience, not making the space feeling cluttered. Take a look, and you’ll agree with me that it’s perfect for a sizzling hot date.Save for the Private Dining Area where you need to have a minimum spending of $750 and $950 (before taxes) for lunch and dinner respectively, you are free to choose your desired dining area. I personally love the cushioned, intimate lamp-over-the-head seat.What comes next after being seated and served with ice / warm water is a waitperson appearing beside you, spoiling you with 4 choices of artisan bread – Squid Ink & Chili Bread, Pesto Bread Roll, French Baguette and Organic Whole Wheat Bread, accompanied with dips of butter, spicy tomato sauce and baba ghanoush (made of eggplant mashed and mixed with olive oil and seasonings). Though it’d only be served to you at the start of your meal, I’m sure with a smiley face and polite request, they would accede to your request of second round.Phoenix Organic Sparkling Apple Juice: I’m glad Shangri-La holds Phoenix’s sparkling juices. Not only are they organic, they are refreshing and cooling, most apt for a meal by the pool. If you are a wine fanatic, you are in the right place, as they serve wine from across the Mediterranean from the South of Spain to the coast of Lebanon. You can also expect coffee from Illy.Watermelon & Tomato Salad (with prawns) ($24++): A successful continuity on the theme of a ‘revitalizing’ meal. Call me a ‘sua-gu‘, but I’ve actually never had a watermelon salad. It’s such a brilliant combination of items here – juicy, thirst-quenching and sweet, ultimate in whetting your appetite. Additions of red onion spices things up as well, both literally and figuratively. It costs $16++ without prawns.Fettuccine Pasta ($28++): This pasta, surrounded by parmesan cheese foam, hits all the right spot for me. Its pasta was near al-dente enough for me. I’ve never tasted one that is consistently al-dente. I had this because I’m a huge fan of parma ham and mushroom. The former was thinly sliced but bearing a big surface area, thus still retaining its usual chewiness and bite. The saltiness complemented the pasta real well.Pan-seared Tuna ($35++): I am going to be honest here; I’ve never had better Pan-seared Tuna. I had a bad experience at another establishment, where its tuna was tougher than any other meat, and flavorless. I was relieved to experience the exact opposite here. Coated with peppercorn and coriander (don’t worry, it doesn’t have that acrid taste and smell) and drizzled with black garlic jus, the seafood is further made more flavorful than usual. There is also the honey glazed eggplant, which I had over the steamed baby bok choy, not a veggie fan here.Fresh Strawberry Consommé ($12++): Being relatively sweet and slightly tangy, this liquid dessert wasn’t much to my liking. I don’t know, there isn’t anything wrong with it, but more of a misfit of preference. If you want a cold, light, and sweet liquid end to your meal, this would be appropriate. It’s infused with ginger and verbena, and served with green tea cookies too. It’d be better if it is made more gingery. I love ginger.Warm Dark Chocolate Cake ($14++): When it comes to desserts, I’m a safe-eater. It’s more often than not, something chocolatey. And it’s no exception this time round. No it’s not a Molten Lava Cake, it’s merely a warm, gluten-free chocolate cake. I always believe that these desserts being dark is a smart thing to do, as the darkness and bitterness of it would act as an equipoise to the (sometimes overly) sweetness. Served with butterscotch ice cream. A must-order to end the meal.Though the prices can be a little steep (mains of about at least $30 – $40 after taxes), I thought it is arguably reasonable, seeing that it’s nestled in a lucrative 5-star hotel in Singapore. It is also all made okay with its exclusivity and well-furnished interior. Further, it’s just on the outskirts of Orchard Road. I think it’s one of the best spots for a semi-formal, semi-casual date. continue reading
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