Come to Wayne's Chill-out during the day, especially when it get a little too hot, its the perfect place for everyone to chill. Enjoy freshly made ice cream, freshly made pizzas, desserts that go well with ice cream and drinks such as ice cream floats, milkshakes and freshly brewed coffee. All of these can be enjoyed in the evenings as well, chill and witness the beautiful sunset skies. continue reading
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14:00 - 23:00
Mon - Fri
14:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun
11:00 - 23:00
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Alfresco / Outdoor Seats
Open Till Late
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More pic and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/waynes-chillout-cafe-scenic-serenity-at-punggol-settlementFollow Lepakwithyaops on Instagram and FacebookWayne's Chillout cafe, literally a perfect spot to chill and enjoy freshly made ice cream, pizzas, ice cream and waffles while overseeing the sea. All of these can be enjoyed in the evenings as well while you witness the beautiful sunset skies.With all positivity, there are also some downside. Getting here by personal vehicle is like a mini maze if one is unfamiliar, more so for those by foot and public transport. However, it will be rewarding once you make your way here.Over here, there are just a handful of mains to select from: Pasta and hand made Pizza.Ordered a waffle ($7 for waffles only) with 2 scoops ($12.5) which includes flavours from their premium section. Flavours were Raspberry and Sea Salt Caramel.Never a fan of sorbet, but since it was for sharing, thus raspberry by the ladies.On the other hand, being a fan of Sea Salt Caramel, I was disappointed by Wayne's. It was too creamy, as though it was made from whipped cream, thus we became jelak real quickly.Waffles itself was decent, nothing to shout about.I guess the alfresco and relaxed setting offered at Punggol Settlement did complement what Wayne's Chillout offered. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-13
Not many might have heard of The Punggol Settlement, which is situated at Punggol Point Road not too far away from Punggol Road End. Being part of the Punggol Promenade district, it is a place for F&B and recreational activities at the Punggol Beach area. Amongst the few F&B places opened for business at The Punggol Settlement is Wayne’s Chill-Out, an ice-cream parlour situated at the second level with an al-fresco dining area facing the sea. Apart from ice-cream, they also serve hot food such as Lasagne and Pizza.We were here for an after-meal dessert, so we decided to order a waffle with two scoops of ice-cream ($12.50), which we went for Coconut and Cookies & Cream. Crisp with a moist interior, the waffles were made with a classic batter involving eggs and butter, which was savoury and fragrant. Coconut Ice-Cream was mild, cooling and refreshing; good to have on a hot and humid afternoon, especially with small chunks of coconut flesh within while the Cookies and Cream was chunky with lots of cookie bits to chew on.For more photos and the full review, please visit: https://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/waynes-chill-out-the-punggol-settlement/ continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-23
The used-to-be quiet Punggol Jetty has been converted to a busy park, with lots of space for families & couples to hang out with. Part of the area was also built with a two storey building where restaurants & eateries are located. The building is called "The Punggol Settlement".The Punggol Settlement consists of a few seafood restaurants, bars & bistros, international cuisines, convenient stores & cafes. This trip of mine is to a cafe on the second storey called Wayne's chill-out. I remember dropping by during end july but they're still under renovation & finally they're in full operations now.Wayne's chill-out has simple interior, other than the pretty chairs in bright orange & sky blue, they don't have much deco. The staff are young teenagers, probably on vacation job. This cafe mainly sells ice cream, waffles, coffee & pizzas. Ice cream selections have about 10. You could try out the flavours before ordering. Quite a number flavours tasted quite yummy. Due to the filling dinner earlier, our tummy can only store ice cream.I chose Salted caramel in a waffle cone. Other than being a safe ice cream choice, the almond bits inside are so yum too. For my hubby's waffle, he had Cookies & cream ice cream + Coconut ice cream. The Cookies & cream is rather bland, no wow factor. As for the coconut ice cream, the coconut taste was rich & there are shredded coconut inside. Very interesting choice. Lastly, my brother chose another single scoop of Oreos banana... The banana taste was too overwhelming so couldn't taste the Oreo at all. Best if you're a nana-fanatics Conclusion: A cozy place to chill out, with a number of ice cream choices & waffle that tastes quite good. It is very breezy if you take the alfresco seats outside. My next visit here will definitely be for the pizzas continue reading
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