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Level4 2014-02-01
Every food court is sure to have a stall selling western food, and this stall is it at this Causeway Point Level 7 food court, Bagus. The stalls here are all halal, including this western food stall. We were tempted upon first sight of their menu, as the food looked quite good on it and there were also a few dishes not commonly sold in a typical food court stall. It helped that there were a variety of sides like Cheese Fries ($4.50), pasta like Bolognaise ($5.90) and Carbonara with Bacon and Mushroom ($7.90), as well as mains like Chicken Chop with a choice of fries, spaghetti or rice (7.50), Salmon Butter Rice ($8.90) and Lamb Steak ($10.90). The food here were slightly pricier compared to other similar stalls at other food courts and the price range for the pasta and baked rice were more or less comparable to the prices at establishments like Pastamania. A tad pricey despite the selection of dishes if you ask me, especially for a meal in a food court environment. Seat-finding here can be a chore during peak hours, even during weekdays. The place was also rather noisy at this time, making it hard to have conversations. Mostly, it was just eat-and-go here. So don't expect much of the environment, which was kind of a pity considering that the prices of the food at Bagus can be pretty pricey for a food court to be paying just for the food. But while the environment was beyond the stall's control, they did try to make up for it in service. This was a self service stall and there was a short wait for our food due to the dinner time rush, but despite the rush, the staff remained friendly, polite and helpful with our queries regarding their promotion. Even the chef who was busy preparing orders next to the counter had the occasional smile for customers. Eventually, we decided to get the Mushroom Pot Pie, Chicken Baked Rice and Aglio Olio to share. Mushroom Pot Pie ($3.50)The cream of mushroom was served in cute little bread that was shaped like a pot with a hallowed out middle, sitting in a bowl with "overflowed" soup forming a moat around it. We thought the presentation was really quite cute. We were expecting the bread to be soggy from soaking in the soup but it surprisingly held well together even though we left it sitting there for quite a while. The bread was quite soft and slightly chewy and we agreed that it tasted quite good with the faintly aromatic soup, which was smooth and creamy. There was also a decent amount of sliced mushrooms in it. This is one dish that I'd definitely return for. Chicken Baked Rice ($8.90)We actually found this to be quite pricey on first impression, but this was quite decent in taste. The tomato rice was quite fragrant and there were bits of chopped tomatoes in it. We liked that the rice were slightly moist but firm without being too soggy. The tasty chicken meat, which I personally found to be the best part of this dish, was also quite tender, juicy and well-seasoned. The melted cheese topping was slightly gooey but unfortunately not cheesy enough in taste for me. Overall this wasn't the best baked rice I've tried before but the taste and portion were decent, especially the chicken chunks. Aglio Olio ($4.90)This was a rather simple dish with just the spaghetti cooked in chopped red chilli, garlic and olive oil. We liked that the spaghetti was not oily and was thick and quite chewy to bite. I was actually kind of disappointed at how blah it looked at first glance, but this dish actually packed quite a punch. It was really super spicy, so much that it was super numbing. If you are trying other dishes as well, you might want to try this dish last because its intense spiciness and flavour will overwhelm the taste of the other food (not to mention that your tongue will also be too numb to detect any other taste LOL). I don't really like food that are too spicy but weirdly enough, I kind of liked this simple dish. We were glad that we also got the Mushroom Pot Pie with our meals because the creamy mushroom soup actually did help to soothe and "cool" down our tongues a little (just be careful that the soup is not scalding hot!). At the end of our meal, we were quite divided in our votes between the Chicken Baked Rice and Aglio Olio but we thought that the Mushroom Pot Pie was worth getting. They also have a Chicken or Beef Pot Pie ($5.90) which I'd definitely be keen to try in future. Overall, the food were quite decent but we agreed that most of the dishes were still a little pricey for a food court stall although there were some reasonably priced ones like the Mushroom Pot Pie. Nevertheless, we found the food offered by this stall to be one of those that were actually flavourful and not mild or bland like the food offered by most of the other stalls at Bagus. Certainly worth a try if you don't mind the price! continue reading
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