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The “Wing Experts” menu features classic and boneless wings with 10 intense flavors. Wingstop’s wings are always cooked to order, sauced and tossed and served with a variety of house-made sides including Wingstop’s award winning hand-cut seasoned fries. continue reading
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Level3 2015-04-16
Chanced upon this place when we were at City Square Mall. We were attracted by the mouth watering food posters displayed and decided to check this out.This place was renovated with an American touch and it can house quite a crowd.Something caught my eye, interesting house rules displayed at a corner.If you are into the Korean BBQ chicken & other fried chicken craze, then you might also be interested to try this out too.There are alot of varieties available in their menu, from individual combos to combos for two and family packs. Choose from classic wings, boneless wings and tenders with an option of ten flavours to go for. Also in the menu are items like rice box combos and wings burger. All combos comes with seasoned fries and regular soda.As they states they are the wing experts, we decided that trying out their classic wings is a must. So we proceeded to order a combo for two where we opt for classic wings and a individual combo where boneless wings was chosen. As for the flavours, we chose what the staff recommended to us i.e Garlic Parmesan, Louisiana Rub and Lemon Pepper.Combo for Two - Classic Wings (S$20.95)3 flavours and 2 dips. As there are only 2 dips (honey mustard & ranch) available in the menu, we opted for one of each. The wings are crispy but the drumlets part of the wings are a little dry. Parmesan flavour has a very strong cheese smell where Lemon Pepper taste slightly sour. The strongest taste will be the Louisiana Rub, a mixture of spices.The not so satisfying part of the meal was that the Louisiana Rub flavour wasn't served to us. This was, in my opinion, the original version instead.We topped up S$1 to change the seasoned fries to jalapeno cheese fries. This is cheesily delicious.The sodas of our combo. Top up S$0.30 for Green Tea.Individual Combo - Boneless Wings (S$9.95)2 flavours and 1 dip. Since we already opted under the combo for two the 2 dips that are available, we requested for the cheese sauce which we topped up for S$0.35.The texture of the boneless wings were far better than the classic wings. Tender and yet not oily. Garlic Parmesan & Louisiana Rub flavours was chosen for this combo too and this time it was really Louisiana Rub that was served.The seasoned fries with a tinge of sweetness taste good even on its own. continue reading
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Located just within meters of the MRT entrance to City Square is Wingstop. I dined here on a sunday at 12pm. It was pretty quiet but the pace picked up soon after 12pm. Before I knew it, the place was full and people were waiting for empty tables!It's quite a big outlet, as there's seating both inside and outside the shop.Here's their menu with their choices of flavour. I usually go straight for BBQ or teriyaki, so being my first time here. Decided to try teriyaki first.At the cash register, there's a signboard explaining what are the flavours, and if you have already tried a certain flavour, they recommend you to try something else similar.Each bill gets a beeper, and we were told the wait for the wings was about 10-15 minutes and for the cheese fries 3-5 minutes.The counter for pick up is really small, and remember to ask for napkins, else they won't give and there's no where to pick up napkins either.1. Classic Wings (Teriyaki) $7.90I was quite upset that 6 pieces of wings cost me $7.90. I'm so used to have ordered a bucket of 25-50 wings in the states. Of course, when it's wing night! Friends have commented to me that they like eating at wingstop because they sell boneless wings, which is very common in America. However, I don't like the idea that someone had to touch my wings and take the bones off. I'm not that lazy and there's a wash basin within sight, so I'll happily eat these wings with my hands. They came piping hot, but it wasn't too hot for you to immediately devour them. I enjoyed the teriyaki sauce. All in all, a good set of wings.2. Cheesy Fries $4.60I don't like jalapeno and I never will, so I requested for these fries to come without them. The 3-5 minute wait was more like a 1 minute wait, as the fries were ready almost instanteously after we had ordered them.The cheese sauce was smooth and creamy, a slight tangy spiciness. The fries were thick cut, not the crispy kind, more of the soft chewy kind.Not a bad combincation of teriyaki wings and cheese fries. Definitely coming back here for more cheese fries goodness. continue reading
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More pics and thoughts at:http://lepakwithyaops.com/wingstop-mad-about-buffalo-wings-city-square-mall(Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @lepakwithyaops)Wings, wings and more wings...that's what Wingstop is all about. Founded in 1994, Wingstop has more than 660 locations across the U.S., Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and other countries, according to the company’s website. That's the power of FOCUS!At Wingstop, there are 11 flavours to choose from: Original Hot, Cajun, Atomic, Mild, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Louisiana Rub and Oriental Soy Pepper (only in Singapore).My favourite will be the Lemon Pepper on the boneless chicken as the zesty flavour whets my appetite.The combination of having it boneless and teasing flavour makes it perfect as a snack!Next favourite will be the Louisiana Rub which was rubbed onto the crispy wings! The tangy seasoning and spices made it irresistible!For all those thrill seekers, Atomic Mild will be a suitable option. With reference to my experience of Level 5 (out of 6) at Jerry's BBQ, this was easily a level 4! Through my dining experience with people, I will consider my threshold for spiciness as above the average but not to the level of eating at raw stick of chilli padi though.These wings made my day! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)