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Platinum Awarded Winning HK Chef, Julian Tam Kwok Fai, not only the First to Bring in “Poon Choy” to the Singapore Chinese Cuisine as a Festival New Year Delicacy, He is also the First to Convert “Poon Choy” into a Dish which can be Enjoyed Daily. Customers Appreciate Chef Tam’s Passion and Knowledge in Traditional Hong Kong Style Chinese Cooking much and will never Disappoint by his Delicacies. “WOPENG” brings you the very Best and Traditional and Authentic Hong Kong style Cantonese Taste. Served Homemade Dim Sum, Country style Boiled Soup, Hometown Specialities and Guangzhou BBQ. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Hong Kong Wei Cun Poon Choy Smoked Roasted Duck with Raw Rice, Tea Leaves and Camphor Wood Buddha Jumps over the Wall Baked Lobster Noodle with Superior stock Barbecue Pork Buns with Preserved Leaf Mustard Skewer Fry Pork Siu Mai
Review (7)
Level2 2014-01-31
My family enjoys coming to Wo Peng for their dim sum, a few favourites that we always get are the liu sha bao and the beancurd roll. I would also recommend the siumai on a skewer (串烧). Just like a regular siew mai that is steamed then grilled and coated with a smoky soy sauce. Mmmmm... An interesting dim sum item you won't find elsewhere!Other dishes to try are the seafood porridge and the lotus leaf rice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
The staffs here were very friendly and helpful. When we were there the captain immediately recognized us. We had been to this restaurant only 2 times. We were looking through the menu and could not decide what we wanted to eat, so had to ask the captain for recommendations. This was recommended: 上汤炸鱼皮 (Fish skin with pork bone broth) - S$13.00We were supposed to dip the fried fish skin into the superior broth to enhance the taste. I was curious how would the skin tasted without dipping. I had a sip of the broth; it tasted very rich in flavor. I was surprised even without dipping it tasted fresh and crispy, most importantly no fishy taste. When the fried skin was dipped into the broth you can even hear the cracking and sizzling sound. 蒜香排骨 (Garlic Pork rib) - S$18.00The pork tasted very tender and well fried very crispy. The taste of the garlic very strong, those who do not like garlic may be put off by the taste. But overall it still tasted nice. 苋菜三色蛋浸 (Spinach with 3 types of eggs) - S$16.00The dish was served with 3 different eggs (salted, century and normal egg). The vegetables tasted fresh and crunchy, it's blanched just right now overly cooked. The clear gravy tasted light, just right. Highly recommended for those who wants to have something light and simple.黄金虾球 (Salted eggs Prawn) - S$28.00The prawns were coated with salted egg. The prawns tasted fresh, crunchy on bite and the slated egg does not over power the freshness of the prawn.海鲜粒炒面线 (Fried Seafood Mee Sua) - S$18.00The portion for this dish a little too big for both of us as we were already 3/4 filled with the other dishes. The noodle did not taste soggy, it was just right. They are very generous with the portion of cut seafood. This dish will be good for the main meal rather served as the last dish. 雷沙汤丸 (Peanut coated glutinous sesame ball) - S$4.80Finally the dessert. The glutinous balls tasted very 'QQ', one bite feels very soft. Total bill. continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-08
I saw there's online coupon deal,seem cheap so bought 3 coupons to try The restaurant look quite old,not very big,was quite disappointed ,We never call to make reservation so they almost don't let us in,but lucky one of the waitress was nice to let us in,After seating down,they serve peanuts & sauceThe "ha gou" was not bad,very chewy,prawn was fresh,as for xiao long bao,tasted so so onlyThis fried shrimp dumpling was my fav among all,After finishing the 1st plate,we ordered another more,It was very crispy,prawn was QQ ,goes well with their mayo salad sauceThis dumpling soup was a disappointed dish,The soup was very blend,no taste,Dumpling filling was pork,There's a strong pork smell which i don't like,Skin was thick and tasted like eating flourThis one the waitress said is chef recommend,BBQ siew mai stick It tasted just normal,just that there's sauces on top Overall spend about $70 plus for 4person continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-03
With the vouchers bought oneline, The food is certainly satisfactory, most of the dishes recommended were good and there was nothing to complain about. However, the prices were abit steep for a restaurant that sometimes felt more like a zhi char place than a proper restaurant. However, it is a Cantonese restaurant run by Chef Julian Tam that apparently specializes in Poon Choi. So the price is acceptable. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-29
Wo PengWent to the restaurant in furama hotel. There were having a lunch promotion - dim sum dishes for only SGD1.98 each - really cheap given that dim sum normally costs around SGD 3-5.har gaw / prawn dumplings - huge prawns, skin is thin - very good!steamed pork ribs with pumpkins - generous amounts of pumpkins, flavour is good egg tarts - soft , tender and very tasty - i can eat a whole plate on my own!liu sha pao / egg custard bun - not too watery / sweet - good!siew mai - prawns are huge ! topped with egg roe and served in their special sauce - delicious!deep fried spring roll - normalplum ice tea - its haw thorn juice - refreshingkui hua gao / flower jelly dessert - strong flower flavour, jelly is not too thick, good! ;)service and ambience is great. will definitely come back again! ) continue reading
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