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Bbq Stingray
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Level4 2013-02-22
When you go to Whampoa market... You can help yourself to a nice plate of stingray and if you think that you are gonna get it free... I tell you now... Its a no of course.Ok... since this is a first review.. i will give an awesome review.Whampoa Market has only 2 stalls that sell stingray and this is one of them. This stall has been here for quite a long time since the market reopened. Very well respected stall.I will touch on a few dishes.Firstly, Sambal Sting Ray! The taste of bbq fish on the grill has a nice after taste. The prices if i am not wrong is $10, $12, $15 and $20. It is served in a hot plate topped with onions, and a lime at the side for taste. If you are allergic to prawns or seafood.. then ask for no sambal although it is better with some sambal. There is a slight fishy taste that is present but it is not too strong for consumption. Tastes great with the chili that is provided.Secondly, the sotong sambal... It is not too chewy and not too bad but i would only say that this is ok. It comes out piping hot on a hot plate.. served with the same sambal.. Its an average dish and i think its ok.Thirdly, i would recommend the sambal la-la or (clams) it is quite nice... the taste is not so prominent. SO personally i like it and i am not a big fan for la la...Lastly, their kailan... its quite oily for vegetables and i am not a very big fan for oil. I like this to be more smooth and less garlicky... Ok so food wise.. i would rate it 7.5/10...As my advice always go... have the food done in a area you want to eat.. In this case just remember to eat it there!!! continue reading
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