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FuZhou Wanton Noodle Meat Ball 'Rou Tan' soup
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Level2 2010-08-19
I have been patronizing this stalls for as long as i can remember. I think they have been around for ten years or more. It all started, when my buddy and i visit this shop almost every alternate nights for some nice good soup and talk cock session. That was when we were in secondary school. They open every night from 6.00pm to late nights every day except Sunday. They serve wanton noodles, meat ball noodles, chicken feet noodles, pork ribs noodles and meat ball soup. The noodles are mediocre, just give it a pass. You can find better tasting noddles elsewhere. However their meat balls stands out from the rest. I have been to several other shop that sells Fuzhou meat ball, but none taste as good as this. They also gave a generous serving. Its priced at $3 per bowl, but i usually ordered $4 bowl. Fish ball filled with pork as seen in the picture below and meat wrap makes the bowl of meat balls. The fish balls are tender and juicy, Its a perfect yin yang - fish and pork Dont be mistaken by the appearance of the meat ball, it may seems like an oversized wanton but the skins are unlike wanton skin, is rough in texture and spingy. Couple these meat balls with chopped green chilli and i tell u.....its marvelous. Go try it out, this may turn out to be the best Fuzhou meat ball soup that you will ever taste. continue reading
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