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Famous for its fish soup, Xin Yuan Ji also serves up different cze char delicacy, very popular with evening diners around bugis area. continue reading
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Charcoal Fishhead Steamboat Curry Fish Head Fish Soup Fried Fish Soup Sliced Fish Soup
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Level4 2015-11-16
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comIf you have frequent Bugis area, Tan Quee Lan Street should be of no stranger to you. With couple of eateries along the streets, the place is always bustling, likewise to crowd opposite in Bugis Junction.Xin Yuan Ji has been around for many years but I have never went in there as I have often withdrawn myself upon seeing just long queues outside the restaurant.Despite the snaky queues, staff has efficiently clear them in no time and turn over there was rather high too. Interior was both installed with Aircon as well as ceiling fans, thus even though patrons were in front of the flames from the Charcoal pot, they won't feel too heaty.Besides being known for their charcoal fish meat / head, they are also known for their curry fish head. Cze Char Style dishes are also available. Just flip over and have a look at the variety.I won't consider myself going Xin Yuan Ji without having their signature Charcoal Hot Pot with Fish Meat / Head. At the first sip of the soup, I truly comprehend the persistent patrons waiting outside.Soup was rich and savoury with sweet notes. With Charcoal stacked in the opening and burning, the soup was put to simmered. Ingredients like, Tofu, Yam, vegetables, tomatoes, chinese parseley and thick fish chunks had make the soup such flavourful. Even with the soup alone, it will go very well with just bowl/s of plain white rice.Becareful, both the pot and soup are very hot!Looked at the big chunk of fish meat from the pot! In fact this is not the only piece that is so thick, the rest were more of less in the same size too. With ample of ginger strips added, there were not a single trace of "fishiness" and the taste was pretty different till I realized what was done. Instead of putting the raw fish into the soup and let it boil, those pieces had actually went through a round of cooking, pan fried, perhaps. Just take a look at the charred area and it would definitely tell you more about it.We topped up the pot with another plate of Fried Fish but in fried style. If it was to consume alone, you will find that these fried fish were not freshly fried and quite cold. Therefore it is recommended to soak them up in the charcoal hot pot. $15 is definitely worth as these chunks were generous portions.Is the food justifiable to the length of the queue outside? Taste wise food is above average but service wise is kind of frustrating. We have requested a few times to have our soup topped up and even though they had agreed, our pot was never filled up. However, if customers have left, they were very quick in clearing the table. In my conclusion, they gave me the impression that they do not have customer's interest at heart, thus making a return trip there is questionable now. Do note that for payments only cash and nets are accepted there. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-02
Tan Quee Lan Street has a handful of steamboat places; one of them being Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 which is one of the better choices. Great choice for a meal especially if you are around Bugis area and tired of always dining in shopping malls. Bustling busy on a public holiday evening - you might have to queue for sometime for a table but not for too long as the servers are quite efficient in allocating seats.Their signature dish is their Fish Head Steamboats. Price range is about $30 for red snapper fish head (small), $45 for red snapper fish head (medium), $60 for red snapper fish head (large).Fish Head Steamboat - $63The steamboat soup base is very rich and savoury, tasted like it has been simmered with fresh fish and seafood. Top-up is always available upon request. The soup base itself is flavourful enough to complement with white rice. The fish slices are also tender and thick - very enjoyable!Hotplate Tofu - $8.80Average, the wokhei fragrance is rather overpowering. The ingredients inside this dish are quite generous but I still think it's slightly overpriced.Onion Scrambled Egg - $8.80Another overpriced dish. I find that the scrambled egg could be more salty and flavourful.Sambal Kang Kong - $8.80This dish was surprisingly better than the tofu and the scrambled egg. It is quite spicy but really delicious. The wokhei fragrance is light. Recommended.For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
Xin Yuan Ji which is located along Tan Quee Lan Street is a walking distance from Bugis MRT station is well-known of their charcoal fish steamboat and fish soup. It is just opposite Bugis Junction shopping mall. I have always wanted to try whenever I passed by the restaurant but there is always a queue outside. Since my friend was in town and she is craving for soup base dishes, we decided to queue for dinner. Surprisingly, we didn’t queue for too long to get a seat.Red snapper fish meat steamboat that available in S, M, L size. We ordered Small @ S$40.00 portion which is just nice for two of us. It was served pipping hot with charcoal burning below. The soup essence was rich with the sweetness of the fish and also the veggies.The sliced fish was fresh and sweet . Mixture of veggies and other ingredients made the whole steamboat very filling. Additional side dish is available range from S$3.00 for the veggies. So, we had cabbage to add on to the soup.We also ordered Spinach with assorted egg @S$13.80. It’s a common zi char signature dish. We love the generous serving and the stock taste flavorful with the mixture of century and salted eggs. My friend loves the soupy taste of it.The serving time is within 15 minutes time despite full house. The staffs are efficient in serving and clearing the tables to ensure the turnover operation going smoothly. As for payment wise, you will need to pay it at their cashier counter. If you are dropping by, make sure you bring enough cash on hand as the restaurant only accepts cash payment which is clearly pasted outside the glass display of the shop. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-10
Well-known for its Seafood Steamboat, it was normal to see lining up outside restaurant. But not the big deal, queue was cleared pretty fast due to the prompt service of staff. Menu given was straightforward with photos and prices, food looked appetizing. Price was inclusive GST without service charges, reasonable indeed.The curry was thickly rich in spices aroma, wonderful and generous serving. Sizzling hot, the gravy was nourish and flavoursome. I realized that almost all the tables were having their signature Curry, delicious legend proven. The classic way to present the Fish Soup, taste was just nice for my liking. Veggies essence and Seafood sweetness combined well to each other. I had my leisure to slowly bite the fresh fish, tender and decent slice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
I was here the other day with my friends, as we've heard of this place that has nice fish soup as well as zi char dishes. The kangkong was a little too oily with lots of chilli oil, and was rather average. We had the prawn paste chicken wings which we read about online, but found it overpriced, and taste wise, there was nothing special about it. The curry fish head was alright but the amount of fish meat too little. Although the salted egg squid was good, it's a little pricey at around $16. continue reading
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