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We, "Yakiniku Yazawa", select the finest of the top-class Kuroge Wagyu Beef by our own strict standards. With the utmost care in quality control, we send them direct from Japan and serve them. We take pride in our beef that our specialists carefully select, part by part, from all over Japan.Since we take special care in this purchasing process, we have unwavering confidence in our beef.Please enjoy our delicious, fresh, and of course, safe Japanese Wagyu to your heart's content. continue reading
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Chateaubriand Kalbi Wagyu Beef
Review (2)
Level4 2016-03-17
Pictures @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/03/yakiniku-yazawa.htmlThe meats were exquisite, even if the meat-centric menu was decidedly limited. Unlike Aburiya, Gyu Kaku or Ito-Kacho, there isn't a variety of seafood, or vegetables to break up the monotony of regular meats like beef, pork and chicken. Most meats are marinated with tare, or shio. I personally prefer tare seasoning, it's got a little more dimension than just salt & pepper.There's just 2 types of beef, all wagyu of course, of Australian breed, or the in-house proprietary brand Yazawa beef. The Australian wagyu is a little more tempered, whereas the Yazawa beef is extremely marbled. If you prefer your meats with a little more body, I suggest you take the Australian wagyu over the very rich Yazawa beef.Note that there's a 2-seatings for dinner policy, which the service staff will inform about when taking reservations, and/or also while seating u. On the upside: service was akin to a Korean-style barbecue, where u needn't bother with the grilling because the wait staff will be on hand to do so.We had:1) Edamame ($8): ridiculously expensive, but they were fat and juicy, beautifully seasoned with sea salt, and served refreshingly icy.2) Tori Momoniku ($16): bite-sized morsels of juicy chicken thigh marinated in tare sauce. Must-try.3) Mangalica Pork ($22): delicious slivers of chuck roll simply seasoned with shio (salt) & pepper so as not to detract from the natural sweetness of the meat4) Ton Toro ($16): medium-thick cuts of pork neck glazed with tare. These were so awesome, we had like 5 plates between the 3 of us. For sure a cannot-miss.5) Australian Wagyu Jo Kalbi ($28): premium chuck rib cut, steeped in tare. This had a fuller flavour, while exquisite threads of fat lent succulence.6) Yazawa Beef Misuji ($48): an exceptional precious cut at the corner of the shoulder, mostly because it was more fat than meat. This was glorious and indulgent and sinfully rich.7) Yazawa Beef Rump ($46): a smidge more delicate in marbling, so while it was decadent, it wasn't as heart-palpitatingly so continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-30
The different types of sushi from this Japanese restaurant are always freshly made upon your order which really impressed me. You can always feel the freshness my you taste it and the japanese glutinuous rice used in making the sushi is very firm and fragrant. Love to eat their california maki as it is filled with the sweetness from the thinly slice of seaweed in it and if you dip some wasabi and japanese sauce in it will even taste more delicious too. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)