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Level4 2015-07-19
I have heard about a noodle stall in a coffeeshop at Circular road which specialises in Dry Mee Sua. This is unique to me as Fishball Noodles and Bak Chor Mee (mee pok or mee kia) nearly always take the limelight in any noodle stall, not mee sua.The stall is called Yan Kee Noodle House at BK Eating House located at the junction of South Bridge Road and Circular Road. Another factor which makes it so unique is that the stall is open 24 hours and is only closed on Sundays.When I visited on a weekday noon, the eating house was surprisingly empty. There were only a handful customers. There was also no queue at Yan Kee Noodle House.Needless to say, I ordered their Speciality Dry Mee Sua, made payment and waited for the food to be served to my table.Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50The Speciality Dry Mee Sua cost $3.50.Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50Speciality Dry Mee Sua $3.50The Speciality Dry Mee Sua was served with fishballs, meatballs, minced meat, lean meat, a whole mushroom, ikan bilis and pork lard. What stood out was that the mee sua which was amazingly springy, not soggy. In addition, each strand of mee sua when well mixed was well coated with the chilli and vingear sauce which is bounded to entice your taste buds. The two handmade fishballs, bigger than what you get else where also deserved a mention. They were bouncy and firm with no fishy taste. The smaller things to note which made this such a wonderful dish was the crunchy ikan bilis and pork lard which gave an additional dimension to the texture and oomph of the dish.For just $3.50, they were so generous with the ingredients. Value for money and yummy! http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/02/yan-kee-noodle-house-at-bk-eating-house.html continue reading
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In the search of the best Fish Ball Noodle in Singapore, we come across Yan Kee Noodle House. One of the establishment that can claim open 24 hours!!! Best part of all, it is located in the Central of Singapore, corner of South Bridge Road and Circular Road. So if you are looking for supper places after your pubbing, clubbing or anything, isn't this the place to go.Our visit to this place was on Saturday afternoon, a little hungry, I ordered the Big Size version of dry Fish Ball Noodle ($5), no chilli. Little Devil has the small version ($3.50), dry and with chilli plus another bowl of Fish Ball Soup ($3.50).For the big size, I can say it is quite huge. The noodle texture is a bit soft and stick to each other. I need to use the soup to loosen up the noodle. The ingredients such as mince pork and noodle is very generous. So far, I was not impress with my noodle until I tasted the fishball. The size is huge, almost the same size as ping pong ball. You can see that it is handmade and bouncy. Very good although they can be quite generous with salt in the fishball.LD's spicy version of the noodle is much better. The chilli is aromatic and blended with pork lard. It is not a full blown spicy, however more of spicy fragrant layered sambal version. They also have ikan bilis topping for the noodle. Although I am not a chilli eater, I must admit the chilli version is better.To show that we can bit a little bit Gong at times, we did not notice their speciality is their Dry Mee Sua. If I know this, I would have ordered it. Service is limited to delivering the food. You must order and pay at stall.Overall, Yan Kee served a very good homemade fish ball noodle. We'll definitely comeback to try out their Dry Mee Sua. Noodle starting from $3.50 per bowl. Cheers!!For the complete review, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/04/Yan-Kee-Noodle-House.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-03-27
Another great stop for late night supper - BK eating house is famed for this store that sells what they term as 'specialty mee sua' which essentially means they do it pretty damn good. I used to think mee sua (a type of noodles) is only for the sick/elderly but this dish has completely turned that notion on its head. Actually it is done just like minced pork noodles but I think the mee sua is a nice touch because the dish doesn't get too overwhelming as it would with other noodles.I hate it when my noodles start clumping together because of a measly amount of sauce but I never have to worry about that here, Yan Kee always douses its noodles in a generous helping of sauce. The springy mee sua is tossed in a fragrant mix of chilli and vinegar, topped with minced and sliced pork as well as a couple of stewed mushrooms - it makes for a satisfying treat in the middle of the night that is not overfilling.Only reason why it gets 4 stars is because standards have started to get a little inconsistent and that is a real pity. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-28
the bak chor mee is very Q, meat is a little dry, but taste fine once you get your "hydration" from the light soup that comes with it.The fishball kway teow soup is very mild tasting and pleasant. the fishball is soft and chewy. almost "bounces" in your mouth. the flavour is just nice, not too salty not too plain. continue reading
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