Yayoiken is a Japanese restaurant serving a wide array of Japanese cuisine. Rice, miso soup and side dishes of vegetables of Japanese pickles come with each main dish of meat or fish. Yayoiken imports their rice from Japan, after it has passed stringent quality and safety inspections. Their aim is for customers to enjoy high-quality Japanese food in a pleasant and relaxed ambience. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-26
Talking little about the history of Yayoiken, it was initially a Western food restaurant based on Tokyo and successfully developed a famous chain in Japan later. Welcoming Menu implemented, cuisines were lighter and more catered to local appetite. There was electronic as well as physical copy, I took a long time to judge through the Menu in deciding my order. Process and services were prompt, waiting time was approximately 10 minutes. This all-in-one set included beef, fried shrimp, pork cutlet and scrambled egg on top, greedily satisfying meal. Every ingredient used here was high-quality and fragrant, sizzling hot while it served up. Beef and pork cutlets were well-seasoned and perfectly grilled, plainly tasteless tofu balanced up the heavy flavour. Texture for both was tender springy while prawn was absolutely fresh, gravy was tangy enough to enlighten the rice. Relatively delicious, combination was filling. Miso soup was complementary, portion of the set was impressively generous. Price was reasonably at $13.90, value for money. continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-25
Liang court is best known for its Eastern-influenced culture and mall tenants, such as giant bookstore Kinokuniya, Meidi-Ya supermart and a dozen of authentic Japanese eateries. Unlike my Japanese-obsessed friends (okay, I'm being a little stereotypical here), Liang court is one place that I would put last on my "to-go list". First, prices are jacked sky-high there, because everyone claimed their goods are air-flown all the way from Japan. Second, the mall is out of my vicinity. Third, I could probably count the number of shops with my fingers (and toes). It is just not worth the trip, and the travel fare as well.Well, not until recently when I visited their restaurants, such as Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, Tampopo and Yayoiken. Talking about Yayoiken, my bestfriend is forever raving about this latest addition at Liang Court. I am not going into the history, just that a whopping 125 years of history since their first humble outlet in Kayabacho, Tokyo was just incredible.For their oh-so-beautiful menu, expect to find hamburger steaks, fried cutlets and fillets alongside with "more typical Japanese cuisine", such as tempura, sashimi and bento sets. My friend had Hire Katsu Set (S$16.90) the last time and was so tempted to order it again. I did the honour of savouring the pork cutlets, well.. in his place. Deep-fried to mere perfection, what's hidden beneath the crispy golden-brown skin is a combination of soft and juicy tenderloin cut, accompanied by the little traces of lard. I tell you what's better, pair it with the sweet sauce. Foodgasm. Oh, it is deep-fried, so don't expect it to be healthy, but do yourself a huge favour by eating the veggies.Wafu Hamburg set (S$14.90) of either beef and pork/pork hamburg is best if you want a bite of everything for a portion of the price. I expected nothing less of the hamburg steaks, but the ebi tempura did surprised me. Fresh, succulent shrimps encased in just the right amount of fried bread crumbs. Let me tell you what's better, the sauce is not just any ordinary mayonaise. The closest resemblance I could relate to is the filling of egg-mayo sandwich. It comes complete with baked potato and boiled french beans as well.Before I go on, Yayoiken does serve free-flowing Japanese steamed rice. Oh, how good is that! Although I am quite sure that you can't finish more than two bowls of rice along with your mains. Try it and prove me wrong. I'd treat you another bowl of rice. If you happened to need something to quench your thirst, Japanese green tea is highly recommended. Both hot and cold versions are reasonably priced at S$1, with the former being refillable.Recently, Yayoiken is offering hotpots at promotional price (as of Apr 13), my bestfriend had Gyu Sukiyaki (S$19.50) which proves to be equally satisfying with an abundance of seasonal vegetables, beef slices and glass noodles (although I bet he longed for the pork cutlets). Food to warm your body and soul? This is it.You should have seen the grin on my bestfriend's face when I said that Yayoiken was worth every cent. Well, that probably sums up everything. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-22
was recommended by friend, decided to go and try it out. it was weekend thus waiting time is longer, about 10mins to get our seats. ordered and serving time is quite fast about 15mins or so. was surprise that actually their rice is able to refill! which is special compared to other japanese resturant. food wise was very nice worth the price. refill drink is kind of slow. continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-19
I will go liang court almost every 2 weeks for dinner this time i tried their toji mixed set,there's beef,pork cutlet & prawn,but i told them i don't want the beef,also told them don't want onions,but end up they still put onionsI like their rice,very soft,tofu was fresh & silky Pork cutlet was a bit hard,prawn was nice,waiting time took about 20mins during weekend dinnerAs my previous time i went,i mention that they won't auto refill water,after 1months plus,still the same situation continue reading
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Level3 2013-01-30
YayoikenThis nicely nested restaurant in the corner of Meidi-Ya Supermarket at Liang Court serves affordable nice Japanese food.My hubby and I ordered Shima hokke set and switch miso soup toKaikiru soup(Clam shell) and Mix toji set.The serving was quick. The portion of the food was also good especially Shima hokke (Fish) it was not just fillet but the "body" of the fish was served well pan-fried. The Mix toji was also tasty. Of course their rice was nice and free refill was available.I love their preserved vegetable that was on the table too. I like to commend also on their service which was excellent and they are very well-trained for their customer service. I will return and enjoy their good food and good service. continue reading
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