Using only the finest Arabica coffee beans and La Marzocco Strada coffee machine, you can have a cup of quality brew at Yellow Cup Coffee and pair it with a wide range of artisan French & Danish bread. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-13
The next cafehopping stop: Yellow Cup Coffee at Central Square! One of the strangest locations for cafes, but when you push through the glass doors, you'll be in another place.Cool and cozy with soft, thoughtful touches of home at every corner, this cafe scores points for making their customers feel at ease. It is themed vintage and screams of hipster everywhere, with pops of their iconic yellow in furniture and specks of sunny decoration.The baristas seemed young but she knows that when it comes to coffee, it is never just coffee. Yellow Cup Coffee has two origins for their coffee beans, Nicaragua and El Salvador. She quickly explained to me the difference between these two: the Nicaragua coffee beans were more chocolate-based but the El Salvador was more fragrant. I chose the latter after she recommended it as her personal preference. Well, picking the favourites of baristas can't be wrong.Turns out - beyond the super adorable coffee art, the coffee at Yellow Cup was fantastic. It was a smooth blend, very fragrant, a little heavier on the caffeine taste than chocolate taste, not too bitter nor acidic... I guess they found the balance between everything and created a magical brew. So lovely, I am tempted to have another right now.The twin salmon nest waffles - their strangest savoury waffles, sparks of creativity. The waffle base wasn't well-made, this was a straightforward conclusion after biting into an excess of baked batter that was really tasteless and full of baking soda. It was crispy, but that alone really wasn't enough as there was no fluffy to talk about. To their credit, it might be because I took some time to take photos, but you can't lose much taste to time. The salmon was well salted and the running egg yolk was lovely to take artistic shots but beyond that, it doesn't complement the waffles.Given how much effort and thought they have put in to decorate the cafe and also invent flavours for their menu, I'm sure they are one of those that deserve to go a long way in the cafe industry. Experimenting is good, but hopefully they find a dish that they can call their own soon. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-03
Yellow Cup Coffee follows the series of Third Wave Coffee Movement cafes that have opened around Singapore of the late, which aims to gather coffee enthusiasts together and educate patrons about coffee. According to the store manager, the reason behind the name was the definition of “yellow” on Wikipedia, which was the colour of gold. The owners wanted to serve the gold standard of coffee to their patrons. In order to serve the gold standard of coffee, the owners invested in a La Marzocco STRADA machine, which is a top-of-the-line coffee machine that has automatic pressure profile that ensures the beans are not overextracted or underextracted for a rich aroma.The only mains for the day were Croissant Scandinavian and Brioche Scandinavian. Both comes with Smoked Salmon. The Brioche Scandinavian ($9.00) came with vegetables in between, as well as Dijon Mustard spread. The smoked salmon was fresh, though the Brioche although toasted was rather soft and fluffy rather than crisp on the top. People whom dislike mustard should find the Dijon Mustard spread acceptable, for it was very mild in numbness. Usually garden salad would be served but due to Chinese New Year where suppliers are not open, it was replaced by Garlic Butter with cucumbers, which was pretty unique and flavourful.The Croissant Scandinavian ($9.00) was largely similar to the Brioche Scandinavian as both contains almost the same ingredients, less the Dijon Mustard and replacing the Brioche with a Croissant. The Croissant was fluffy and flaky, and seemed less sickening to eat as it was not overly buttery.With coffee coming out from such an expensive machine, we held high expectations for their coffee. The blend used that day was a mix from Tasmania, Ethiopia and Nicaragua, which is said to be bright and tangy. We loved how smooth the Flat White ($5.00) was; definitely the silkiest and richest that we ever had which was aromatic and creamy at the same time.For the full review and more photos, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/yellow-cup-coffee-havelock-road/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-31
Yellow Cup Coffee has officially opened on 26th Jan, and it was a great honour to be part of their pre-opening launch!Google "Yellow"and you will see that yellow is actually the colour of GOLD! It is the mission of this cafe's owners to let their customers enjoy a golden standard of coffee. Each cup is handmade on a La Marzocco Strada machine which has been dubbed the "Ferrari" of coffee machines! No picture of the coffee machine because you should go and see it for yourself! ^^;Popular marvel heroes are plastered across the walls, granting the atmosphere of being in a downtown New York cafe. According to the boss, they're going to purchase more of such posters to fill the entire wall!This is how the feel of the cafe looks like. Cozy, warm and fuzzy... here's where you can share your secrets with your loved ones comfortably.Lovin' all stuff yellow! Their staff is as trendy and quirky!We had a free flow of coffee and pastry and I had a great time trying each and every one of the pastry!From left to right lies the Apple Muffin, Chocolate Scone, Seaweed bread and orange peel muffin. The price ranges from SGD2.50 to SGD3.50. You can have fun trying all of these except the seaweed bread, which was a tad too oily and tasted quite plain. It felt like I was eating a piece of white bread with seaweed on it. Slice through the orange muffin and you can see how moist the inner parts are. There are no flaky residues that would leave your plate messy and thus, it isn't a challenge to eat their desserts glamorously!The Apple Crumble (SGD4.20) has a dust of icing sugar. The nutty crust holds a light-as-a-crowd pastry cream, and slices of apple are visible at the crown of the pastry. It was a lovely confectionary accompanying the coffee!The snow pear danish (SGD4.20) is DEFINITELY my favourite. It's a great accompaniment with the coffee, delivering that perfect blend of pure indulgent pleasure. It has a fluffy crust with sweet-tasting caramelised pears to go along with it. It wasn't too sweet, but the puffiness of the danish is a go-to fix for the perfect dessert.The chocolate croissant (SGD2.70) was a little too flaky, and it doesn't taste as good as the one you can buy at deliverance. I could hardly taste the chocolate because it has been overpowered by the strong flavour of the flaky bread! I wouldn't recommend this one.The barista at Yellow Coffee also makes great latte art as well! You MUST try their coffee at Yellow Coffee, because their coffee machine is the 'ferrari' of all coffee machines. I'm a relatively experienced barista and a strong coffee-drinker, and as good as it sounds, their Yellow Coffee is indeed the most premium coffee I have tasted in Singapore. Their coffee ranges from SGD5.70-SGD6.30. You may ask for decaffeinated drinks if you are sensitive to caffeine, and if you are health-conscious like me, do ask for low-fat (skimmed) milk as well at no additional costs.Some of the latte art may be a bit abstract, like the one above. It actually showcases two swans, though I thought it looked like a leafy plant on the soil.Here's a list of Q&A that would help you enjoy a cozy experience in Yellow Cup Coffee!How's their service?It may be bias to say that their service was great because I went for their pre-launch. However, the barista was really helpful and friendly. They make customised orders too... it was quite slow on that day but they had a LOT of orders and I really thought it was worth the wait.What desserts should I order?They actually have a full-day brunch but they're still experimenting with it. So just go ahead and try their brunch if you're a daredevil. On the other hand, I really recommend the snow pear danish. No matter what, don't forget to order a cup of coffee. The names and prices may be subjected to change!How do I enjoy myself at the cafe?People usually do cafe-hopping in a group or with friends, but I think Yellow Cup Coffee is a great place for you to read a book and drink a cup on your other hand. The staff is really friendly so I won't be surprised if they chat you up. Who knows you might make some new friends there? continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)