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Yoogane's first outlet in Singapore at Bugis Junction offers the same Chicken Galbi (<i>dakgalbi</i>) that has been very well-received in its home country of Korea. The restaurant uses only top and fresh ingredients, complemented by its unique blend of sauces and seasonings. continue reading
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Chicken Galbi Korean Style Seafood Pancake Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake)
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Level3 2015-06-06
Started in Busan, Korea since 1981, Yoogane is considered one of the most popular and best chicken galbi restaurant in Korea.Not only in Korea, having opened their second outlet in Singapore, they are rather well-received here as queues are always seen forming outside the shop.Don't be taken aback by the queues which seems to give the impression that its gonna be a long wait. It really did need a little time for the service staff to clear the queue due to the fact that you need to place your order first before you will be ushered into the restaurant.The first thing that the service staff showed us when we were seated was the built-in drawer where all the cutlery and tissue are placed.Red aprons are placed on all tables for every customer to wear it on to prevent being spattered by the sauce or oil during the cooking process. It's also a great helper for preventing your clothes from staining if you accidentally dropped the food. Kudos to the restaurant for such thoughtfulness.Apart from the apron, ice water are also an item that can be found on each table. Readily prepared for those who need to cool down the hotness of the spicy sauce.Help yourself to the salad bar situated at the centre of the restaurant for sides like kimchi and pickles.With choices of juices, alcohols, hot and cold teas in the menu, this is what we are having today.Brown Rice Green Tea and Barley Tea (S$1.90 each)The two refillable tea in the menu where the barley tea has a very strong roasted fragrance while the brown rice green tea needs no further introduction. Hot beverages are definitely better cooling agent for spicy stuff.According to the service staff, their popular item that is widely liked by their customers gotta be the chicken galbi. We are fans of variety so we went for the seafood and chicken mix instead.Something to take note, every order of the main item has to be in a minimum of two portions, so its rather impossible to dine alone here unless you have a big appetite.Seafood and Chicken Galbi (S$52.90 2 to 3 pax)Tender chicken meat, baby octopus, squids and prawns marinated with their unique blend of spicy sauce and seasoning.The cooking is done right in front of your eyes by the service staff.You may opt to add on rice or noodles for a more filling meal. Select from a variety of noodles ranging from ramyeon noodles, sticky noodles to udon noodles.Ramyeon Noodles (S$3.90)One portion of chewy noodles. Its delicious when cooked together with the rest of the ingredients and blended with the spicy sauce.Cooking starts now!Here comes the baby octopus and squids joining in the crowd.Lastly, ramyeon noodles in the house.Viola! And its time to attack the food.Ingredients were fresh and the unique spicy sauce is spicier than I thought but still bearable for a person who can't really take spicy stuff. We first thought the one portion of ramyeon noodles might not be enough to fill two stomachs but it turns out we were so full our stomach almost burst. continue reading
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Full Yoogane review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/12/yoogane.htmlA popular galbi franchise founded in 1981 in the city of Busan, in Yeongnam region, South Korea, Yoogane has since gone international, opening its doors in Singapore in May 2014. Yoogane specialises in chicken galbi, which refers to marinated chicken meat that is grilled on a hot pan. The meat itself is marinated in ganjang sauce, a type of soy sauce made from fermented soy beans, giving it a savoury, sweet, and spicy taste.Ambience at Yoogane resembles a typical Korean barbecue, with large tables sectioned off with low partitions, bright flourescent lighting and a high ceiling. The open space allows for air circulation, always important in a Korean barbecue, and although the smell of grilled meats does still cling to you, it's not too strong. The tables themselves are sparse but functional, spacious enough to accomodate the large grilling pan, as well as several side dishes. I did find the low hanging cabinets under the table irritating though, as my legs kept banging against it.Service at Yoogane is very good... when it's not crowded. Staff greet you, give you attention, and are knowledgable enough to advise on the menu. They're also trained by chefs from the Korea outlets to assist customers to cook / prepare the food at the table, though they're only able to do this when it's not crowded. Or, you can choose to cook the food yourself, but do heed their advice on preparation. Due to the grill-at-table nature of galbi, there is quite a bit of work in setting up, and tearing down, during your meal, so staff are almost always circling around to assist. Thumbs up for that!Food at Yoogane is focused on their speciality of chicken galbi. This is typically paired with other ingredients like seafood and vegetables, all cooked together on the hot grilling pan. Communal dining is a must here, as orders are for a minimum of 2 diners, although I find portions to be slightly small. However, taste is very good, their ganjang sauce pairs well with meat, vegetables, and starch! Yoogane also offers a free-flow salad bar, although variety is limited. I personally find prices slightly high due to the small portion sizes, budget about SGD $32 or more per person for a meal here.I sampled the Chicken Galbi With Chukkumi Octopus (SGD $43.80 for Minimum 2 diners), and the Combination Dokboki / Ddukbokki / Tteokbokki (SGD $6.90), which comes with a trio of rice cakes, including traditional / original, sweet potato, and cheese rice cakes. Each order of galbi is served with a medley of fresh vegetables (spring onions, leeks, daikon radish, cabbage). All the ingredients are cooked together until the ganjang sauce coats everything.I find the combination of savoury, sweet, spicy taste to be very appealing, and the spice level is low enough that it doesn't distract from the other flavours. The vegetables lend a nice contrast of crunchy texture, complementing the soft, tender chicken meat, and the fresh, chewy octopus. The traditional / original rice cake is decent, but the flavour I like best is the sweet potato rice cake, with a sweet, gooey interior. The cheese rice cake was not that great, as the small amount of cheese within didn't do much to enhance the flavour. Overall, a very good dish, although it's slightly oily, and the flavour can be rather one-note after awhile... and once you order it once, everything else tastes almost similar. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)