Originating in Hakata, Japan, Hakata ramen is a distinctive ultra thin ramen with a film texture, served in a rich, mouthwatering broth extracted from pork bones. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-08
This is a unique offering by Yoshimaru - I've not seen the use of yuzu in other restaurants' ramen before. There was a slight spiciness in the soup and the taste of yuzu was just right - not too strong nor subtle. At first I thought the taste of yuzu in a hot savoury soup was quite strange, but the more I drank it the more I liked it. For those who like yuzu, think you guys should give it a try! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
It had been ages since I last visited Holland Village and I was rather surprised to see a number of new restaurants. One of them was Yoshimaru ramen bar, I thought it would be very nice to experience enjoying a hot slurping bowl of ramen by the bar counters.At a closer look into the restaurant, their settings was not the typicalJapanese settings which I had seen in the malls, thus it brings morecuriosity in me and we decided to give it a try.The walkway into the restaurant was rather narrow, perhaps just enough for a person to walk.It was divided into sections, with bars on the right and the normaldining tables on the left. Their walls were all decorated with whitebowls.Yoshimaru is known for its traditional Japanese Hakata Ramen and afterordering from the friendly servers we were given a earthern stick togrind the roasted sesame into powder then add on to the bowl of ramen.Hakata ramen is a thin and springy type of ramen, served in Tonkotsu(pork bone) soup that has been simmered for 13 hours. Their noodles aremade in Singapore using authentic Japanese methods to ensure itsquality.The soft char siewslices have a good balance of lean and fat. Yummy!One can opt for the spicy version of Tonkotsu ramen or the original. Wehad skipped the spicy version as we wanted to have a taste of theoriginal. Similarly, I would say that the bowl of ramen was "oiishi"(delicious in Japanese). Though it was miso soup base, the taste was notoverpowering.It was quite interesting to find mini burgers on the menu. In order totry out all flavours, I ordered the freshly toasted mini burgerscombination platter. All burgers are in mini versions and were halves, though they were mini,the stacks of ingredients that was stuffed inbetween were still too bigto have them down into my stomach in a bite.The Mini chicken burger comes with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.Mini Japanese Spicy Brasied Pork Burger tasted sweet and though it was indicated as spicy, I couldnt taste a bit of spice.Mini Mentaiko (Salted Pollock ROe) which consists of mayo prawn with burger.To enjoy authentic Hataka Ramen, do head down to Yoshimaru and have a taste of it! continue reading
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By a twist of fate, I landed at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar for dinner - which was not a bad idea because I love ramen anyway! This is the where the famous challenge is conducted - finish the ramen in 12 minutes and it's free... failing to do so you pay $35. The ramen bowl is really huge with 3 eggs. Challenge ends on 22 June 2014 - only three more days left if you are interested. Well, you can also opt to be a normal customer - there are many yummy selections too!Yoshimaru is one of the rarer ramen places that provide sesame seeds for grounding. Although it is not necessary, I like sesame seeds which give my ramen noodles more texture and layering as a whole.I opted for the Traditional Hakata Ramen which came as a pleasant surprise - it was better than most of the other ramen bars I have been to. Admittedly, I'm quite numb to the in-between standards, but when a good one comes along, I'll perk up immediately! This is one of them. I like how the soup base is savoury and not overpowering, soaked with the essence of pork bones for many hours. It is so thick with goodness, it's almost sinful. The ramen noodles are also springy and slurpilicious. I like how the portion is actually so big, I almost couldn't finish them even on my good appetite day. Of course, the egg was cooked to the gooey-yellow-gel perfection. Yummy!I was eyeing the Spicy Yuzu Ramen, but the word spicy and two chilli icons beside its name were quite intimidating! After asking one of the friendly service staff, he waved it off and convinced us that it wasn't all that spicy at all. Well, as it turned out - the soup base was an enticing blend of apparent citrus yuzu flavours and spices. The burning spiciness came as an after-aftertaste and would be pretty strong after say, five mouthfuls. But one mouthful of this soup base was very blissful even for a person who is afraid of spicy food. I love interesting ramen soup bases, it's like exploring a new place!Apparently Calpis is supposed to be a common drink but I haven't tried before in my whole life (hashtag, suaku) so... first try! Not bad... a bit like a hybrid between probiotic drinks and fruit juice. (hashtag, lesssuaku)And Asahi. Overall, Yoshimaru will rank pretty high on my ramen recommendation list alongside strong contenders such as Ramen Keisuke King and Suzuki Ramen Bar.For full review: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/06/yoshimaru-ramen-bar-holland-village.html continue reading
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If you have been a fan of Yoshimaru Ramen Bar like I am, you would always be greeted by a wide array of side dishes which leaves you scratching you head, making that hard decision.After several trips down, I have found my ultimate favourite which I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a healthy side-dish which is crazy tasty too!The cold tofu rest on a bed of veggies and it is drenched in a tangy dressing which has a hint of citrus. I have tried this dish which a few of my friends and they are all in love with it.Refreshing taste and generous portion, this side dish with a bowl of spicy cold ramen is ICHIBAN! continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-30
Yoshimaru Ramen Bar is located down that steep slope in Holland Village, next to 363 Katong Laksa and had a healthy crowd on a Thursday night. I always try to start from the basics whenever I try some place new, so I got the Traditional Hakata Ramen. The bowl of aromatic ramen arrived not too long later and at a glance, the amount of ingredients did not amaze me, especially since the ramen egg yolk looked a tad overcooked. But the taste. The taste was pretty good, more than satisfactory even. Though I did wish for a more generous amount of meat, the broth was indeed tasteful and the ramen -- comforting. We also ordered the Gyoza Platter to share. Quite a give and take here. While it wasn't oily - yay! - it was just a little dry on the outside - nay. On the bright side, the meats inside were moist enough for me. continue reading
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