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You & Mee is the first and only noodle place in Singapore selling authentic Indonesian noodle. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Mee Kang Kong Mee Ayam
Review (6)
Level4 2015-03-07
I first came across this Indonesian noodle place when I was still staying in Novena, and I grew loving it! The place isn't spacious, but they serve great food at a reasonable nett price! The cashier auntie (whom my friend said was a Medanese) was friendly as well. As there's no service charge here, you need to collect your order once it's ready (your receipt number will be displayed on an electronic display panel).Teh Botol Sosrososro bottled teaIt's served in a glass instead haha. Quite costly here, but enough to cure my craving for teh botol.Mee Ayam - $5.50chicken noodleThere's not just chicken inside, but also mushrooms. The noodle was springy, but I think the portion wasn't really filling.Mee Bakso - $5.50beef meatball noodle soupSuper love their beef meatballs! It's juicy, meaty (not floury) and had a nice seasoning. The soup was also warming and savory.My favorite Kecap Bango (soy sauce) <3On every table, there are some varieties of condiments varying from soy sauce, nutty chili, green chili, to vinegar. They provide some suggestion of condiment concoctions that suit a particular type of noodle, but feel free to create your own!For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-31
I ordered the Beef balls noodle soup at $5.50. The prices have increased recently & that has not stopped me from visiting this outlet as the beef balls are very juicy, bouncy and fresh. The soup also have a natural beefy taste and do not have so many msg as compared to other stalls. Noodles are springy. Service is quite fast. Overall is a must try for all beef balls lovers ! continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-28
Came here a few weeks ago, and tried their mee kangkong, which was good, as it had a really good gravy/broth, and the kangkong was crunchy, and the noodles had a pleasant bite to it. It's cute cause you can combine different chillies into your noodle bowl, and they have a guide for you to choose which chilli that suits your bowl of noodle. Had their honey lemon tea, which was pretty good and refreshing. continue reading
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Level3 2012-03-22
For full write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://www.aspirantsg.com/food/sincerely-youmee-noodles-indonesian/singapore or follow me on twitter for regular food reviews: https://twitter.com/AspirantSGNothing warms more than a sincere bowl of familiar Indonesian noodles to one working in Singapore. My Indonesian colleague's regular praises for You & Mee Noodle Place at Novena finally got me to dine there for lunch one fine workday without her. The shop menu is simple with 6 main noodles, some side dishes, desserts and drinks choices for you to choose from at very reasonable prices. The lady owner is an Indonesian Chinese from Jakarta. She was really nice to talk to and patient with explaining the various mee choices.After ordering, a numbered paper slip and drinks will be dispensed. Customers are expected to collect their food items from the collection counter once their queue numbers are displayed on the electronic display panel. The collection process does resemble a visit to a local polyclinics medicine dispensary.My Mee Kangkong looks really appetiting in its thick, brown gravy. This mee is for people who love strong flavored dishes. The gravy is sweet & goes perfectly well with the springy noodles.Mee Bakso by comparison is the less flamboyant member of the Indonesian Mee Family. The soup base is slightly salty, mild and overall taste similar to the chinese clear yellow noodles soup.Mee Ayam was presented with lean chicken meat, mushroom & green vegetables. The mee on its own does look a little dry hence the reason for a bowl of soup. Very healthy option for office ladies on a diet.Their Hot Barley is apparently quite a hit with ladies. Both my female colleagues loved it.We only came to realise the purpose of the condiments chart after we have finished our noodles. They have recommended concocation for their various noodles! Arghhh.. our noodles could have tasted even better.The condiments were clearly numbered to make it idiotproof for diners to follow their recommendations. Obviously...we are worse than idiots...You & Mee offers authentic taste of Indonesian Mee Culture at very affordable prices. Pity we did not manage to experience the full flavor of the noodles with the recommended condiments. We will reserved that for the next round!You may also like to check out my posts on other delicious food places: http://www.aspirantsg.com/restaurants-cafe-eateries-food-list-singapore continue reading
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