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There's nothing quite as savoury as the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India's finest fare. And we just can't get enough of it! That's why we're serving up everything Indian, made with only the freshest ingredients and the purest spices to tempt your belly; and ours too. continue reading
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Zaffron Chicken Biryani Lamb Shank Biryani Butter Chicken
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Zaffron Kitchen to be a renowned dining place for Northern and Southern Indian fine cuisine. Highly recommended dishes are the Shahi Turkey Biryani, Tandoori Turkey Set, Tandoori Malai Chicken Tikka and of course our even favorite drinks Peach lassi and Mango lassi.Shahi Turkey BiryaniThe Turkey breast cubes marinated with yoghurt and freshly ground spices and cooked together with flavourful basmati rice and saffron. This dish obviously win all our hearts over and make all of us fall in love with it. Highly recommended and a must try dish at Zaffron Kitchen.Tandoori Turkey SetPerfectly roasted Tandoori Turkey served with herbs vegetable, chestnut filling and raisin pilaf. It really piques your taste buds.Tandoori Malai Chicken TikkaAnother favourite from the Tandoor with tender Chicken Tikka marinated in yogurt and coriander and grilled to perfection.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
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Zaffron Kitchen is specialized restaurant of Northern & Southern Indian Cuisine. The cosmopolitan and modern ambience at East Coast Outlet has a main dining hall spaced with colorful mix of tables and chairs. The catch eye high table of wine bar enable guests to simply perch themselves on the available wines while enjoying a chilling background music.Their latest outlet at Westgate is another full serviced restaurant with bar making it a great place to relax and feast on delicious indian food. The unique sight at East Coast Outlet is having aplaying area of cottage playhouse and furnished with kid-friendly toys for kids aged 7 and below. Parents, families can be assured that their kids are entertained at the Children's corner.Zaffron Kitchen is a cosy and classy enough restaurant that not only perfect for family dining, yet it is perfect dinner for two or feasting with the whole circle.Signature Dishes Main Course : - Butter Chicken $16- Tandoori Mixed Grill $22- Dum Chicken Biryani $ 13.50- Palak Paneer ( Vegetarian ) $13- Tandoori Malai Chicken Tikka $13Drink : - Masala Chai $4.50- Mango / Sweet / Salted Lassi $6------------------------------Stater of the dayI was flipping out through menu but couldn't find it, then i was told it is not inside the menu. Thanks to Zaffron Kitchen and the chef provide us the warm up fine taste of India smellTop : Sour Prune Potato It is a nice starter, indeed it wasn't sour at all. Love the smell of topping sauce on the soft baked potatoMiddle : N.AThe feel of India cuisine was started in mouth while i bite the well smashed potato served in vegetable on placed on top of RotiBottom : It is a fish. Strong smell of india spices is well mixedMushroom SoupAppealing smell of mushroom soup, neither too watery nor too creamy, although it is a bit saltybut it is good enough while eating together with the bread. Quite enough mushroom founded in the soup instead of the broth.Pumpkin Soup One of reason people would choose the pumpkin soup instead of other soup is because of the existing of the roasted turkey in the soup. It makes the soup smells good and not watery.Corn SoupA simple soup, tasted average with no special adding of comments.Mango LassiSweet and rich of well blended Mango Yogurt. Love the smooth of its Lassi , in fact it is oneof the most popular beverages in Norther India.Tandoori Turkey SetAppetizing of well roasted tandoori turkey served with herbs vegetable, chestnut filling & rice of its raisin pilaf. Indeed the fresh roasted turkey sangs into my soul while it went to my mouth.The tandoori set comes with Crispy Dosa though it is nice but i can't really take it with the spiciness, so i took the yummy lime sweet sauce on the tomato to spread it on the dosa to decrease the spiciness level, at least i helps a bit.A deep fried side dish of well made up texture of chestnut, serve as a complimentary set from Tandoori Turkey Set. It taste yummy and not oily at all.The contained metal basket of Papadum, a thin wafer of indian cracker made from rice flour was a delighted appetizer. Typically it is served during a meal in South India or at the end of meal in North India. The deep dry fried snack would be serve better with a curry sauce.Shahi Turkey BiryaniDelicious turkey breast cubes marinated with yogurt and freshly ground spices, cooked together with flavourful basmati rice and saffron. The turkey is well cooked and it doesn't hard to bite at all.The rice is so nice with the great cooking ingredients especially the mouth watering of the its curry.Masala ChickenTender chicken marinated in pleasant masala curry. It comes together with the crispy cracker. I do like the sweet of its curry sauce and recommended to put on top of the cracker to have a right feel of Indian Cuisine.Blueberry Chocolate Sliced CakeMasala Bread and Butter PuddingThe texture of the cake is soft and not too sweet. The sweet-tooth of blueberry jam makes the chocolate cake taste more appetizing. The Masala bread and butter pudding is not bad too but it was quite filling and i felt very full after have a slup of the pudding, perhaps due to its butter.Blogged : http://cennds.blogspot.jp/2014/12/food-review-zaffron-kitchen.html continue reading
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I have long noticed this restaurant along katong - Zaffron Kitchen. On the bus, journeying to the eastern part of Singapore from town, I have always been intrigued by the shop's setting, yet never had a time to visit it. Was it fusion cuisine? probably european fusion, but I finally found out last week that it serves great tasting indian food. Thankful to be invited for their Christmas tasting, I came out impressed at how indian cuisine can intertwine so well with a western festive season, Christmas, so well. Even the menu was impressive.StartersPlatter not on the menu And this is what modern indian cruisine is all about. Tapas style, on a platter. Head chef's Satish ingenuity and moment of inspiration and we were fortunate enough to try it. 1. To the left, prune in potato, baked and finished with herbs - I thought was the best amongst the 3. 2. In the middle, tiny naan with chickpea and potato. Tasteful and a great mix of spice3. The last, Halibut fish in mix herbs. Differing flavours of sweet, spicy and herby. A great dish to start off the evening. Soup We were served soup! Yes you are not seeing stars. 3 to choose from - Mushroom, pumpkin and corn. All three were rather good of which the pumpkin was the table's favourite. MainsShahi Turkey Birani The highlight of the night, and the dish which drew me back the following weekend. Yes the christmas turkey biryani. Turkey cubed breast marinated in yogurt, a mix of ground spices whipped up togehter in basmati rice and saffron. To end off, it is baked inside a roti, which compacts all the flavours inside the dish. A real treat and a must have here at zaffron. Found the turkey so tender and juicy, while the rice exudes the fragrance of the spices onto your palate. Tandoori Turkey Set (4Hands)Roasted Tandoori Turkey. Similar to the tukey Biryani, the turkey was tender and soft. Simply no trace of the usual tough bird we have during christmas. It is fantastic that chef Satish can whip out which delicacies. The meat, served with chestnut, rasin pilaf and herbs went well if the papadum. Also, I was told that Zaffon's papadum are baked! and not fried. How interesting and healthy that is. overall review: read my full review and thoughts of the place @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2014/12/zaffron-kitchen-contemporary-indian.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-03
I have loved eating here ever since I stumbled upon this modern cafe-like eatery a year back. This is one indian restaurant that is always swamped with people! The decor is chic and has a nice modern touch to it. It looks like a really cool cafe with simple seating and lightning that makes the experience a pleasant one. If people do not mind sitting outside (which I found to be a little squeeze) the food had to be worth it, right?I was glad to be proven right again. There was a lovely view of the chefs that could be seen from the outside seating area thanks to the huge see-though glass. It was nice to see the masters of food in the kitchen and the fresh pipping hot naan's coming out of that super hot tandoor (which is what is used to cook the naan). We were lucky this time round, due to 5 dishes we ordered, the waiter gave us a 4seater table (rare treat seeing that it was a weekend)This is one of my favourite brands of root beer! The menu did not specify the brand but this was definitely worth paying for (seeing that it was only a few cents more then supermarkets). However, Iced water/warm water is served on demand with no extra charge!The plating here was simple yet decent. This restaurant does a good job by being accommodative (they have high chairs for toddlers as well)We had - 2 servings of biryani rice - long grains of basmati rice cooked in spices. The dish had a very charming aroma and the rice had cashew nuts and raisins in it too which gave off a nice crunchy feel.:bowl:My two side dishes were the paneer butter masala (can never get enough of this) and the vegetable subzi. My boyfriend on the other hand had the butter chicken which he raved about! The paneer butter masala consisted of cubed indian cheese drowned in butter, cream, spices. It tasted really good and I would definitely recommend it! The gravy was tomato based with a hint of spiciness. The vegetable subzi was a lovely mix of vegetables such as cauliflowers, carrots, peppers, broccoli among others which was cooked in a delicious coconut milk gravy. The peppers did a good job with enhancing the flavour of the dish.Conclusion: With good food on a weekend, no one can really complain. The spiciness level is mild hence fear not to those who can't take spicy food. As a precaution, you could inform the waiter to cut back on it as well. The naan's here are amazing as well - soft and buttery is the way to go!Caution: I would not recommend this place on weekends as it can get very crowded especially during dinner time. One might feel a little uncomfortable sitting too close to strangers as the restaurant tries to improvise by pushing tables nearer to each other. I would recommend coming here on weekdays and to make advanced reservations (preferably telling them you want corner seats etc). They would be happy to oblige! Overall, I highly recommend Zaffron Kitchen and I'll be back with an empty tummy soon! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-20
The FoodFeeling hungry late at night, I decided to try Indian food as they are opened till quite late at night I ordered the Chicken Tikka, Butter Naan Naan ($3) and butter chicken curry ($13.50).The Chicken Tikka meat is succulent and juicy with the meat tender served in skewersI like the Butter Naan as have a nice buttery taste, not oily, slightly crispy and fluffy. As for the buttery chicken curry, it is not too spicy and have a rich butter taste. Chicken meat also tender and nice too.The ServiceAs I went on weekend night hence is so crowded because normally weekend night will be crowded. Service is quite good also as the food are served promptly even with so many peopleThe AmbienceThe shop is fully air-conditioned and space is quite big also.The PriceReasonably priced at $3 for their Butter Naan and $13.50 for the butter chicken and $11 for the Chicken Tikka OverallI will definitely come back again for late night supper with my friends and highly recommended to try this! continue reading
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