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Level4 2012-01-18
Food was good the first time I went but merely average on my second trip. Details of my 2nd dinner.For starters, the complimentary bread was soft, warm, fragrant and a pleasure to eat with the slick and smooth butter. The bruschetta was lightly toasted on the outside and topped with fresh juicy tomatoes with a dose of olive oil. Light and simple!The Carpaccio di Manza - Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and quail eggs lightly drizzled with extra virgin oil was way too salty. Think eating slices of beef dipped in concentrated salt solution. I understand that the purpose of the salt is to mask the rawness of the beef but the amount of salt present in this dish just blows things out of proportion. The saltiness from the cheese didn't help either.Please let me emphasize the fact that I am not a fan of raw seafood or mussels thus I didn't quite take to the Terrine of seafood, a symphony of mussels, squid, prawns and scallops drizzled with salsa verde. One thing's for certain though, everything was very fresh and it was pretty evident with every bite. There was this chilled jelly like thing that came with it which made me squirm with every bite. Not exactly my idea of an ideal starter.Blueberry gnocchi, served with braised venison in a red wine, bitter chocolate jus - Dull as this dish may look, it straddles between very good and excellent. The blueberry added a nice twist to the otherwise flat tasting gnocchi and the venison was nicely done - fibrous, chewy and tasty. The red wine taste was rather evident and complemented the dish very well. The bitter chocolate jus was less pronounced though. A nice dish I would definitely recommend. Not sure if they have it on the ala carte menu though.I swapped the lamb in the set menu for a beef tenderloin and certainly didn't regret doing so. The beef was done just right (medium rare) and the juicy flavours just burst through with every bite. However, it was a little too fatty around the edges, which made it slightly harder to chew. The sauce that's drizzled on the beef is red wine jus I believe, judging from the mild overtones of red wine. Tough fight between this and Jaan's rendition.The Warm apple strudel served with a refreshing white chocolate sorbet was surprisingly normal. The strudel wasn't as flaky as I would have liked it to be and the apples weren't exactly top grade apples. They tasted a little too soft and sourish for me.The Raspberry Torte didn't come with the set menu but was taken from the ala carte menu. Presentation wise, a clear winner. Taste wise, decidedly good. Not too sweet with spongy cake layers and white chocolate shavings. Definitely my choice of dessert over the the rather lacklustre apple strudel.Overall I wasn't too impressed this time round with the food quality at Zambuca, not when we paid about >$400 for 5 pax. And to top it off, we weren't exactly bursting our buttons at the end of it. But having said that, I'll be back again, simply because my positive experiences at Zambuca far outshine the negative ones. After all, which restaurant doesn't have its off days continue reading
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If you looking for Italian meal, then you can consider coming to Italian meal at Zambuca, pan pacific; city hall! Really nice ambiance! Service was alright in my opinion.Capellini Seracusa Pacific Crab Chowder! continue reading
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Level4 2011-03-11
Zambuca was once part of the Michelango’s Group but now it has been taken over by Pan Pacific Hotel. Zambuca has gone through a transformation and now it is located at the 3rd floor of The Pan Pacific Hotel and it is led by Chef Dennis Sim and his team.The decor of the interior adopts an elegant style- High ceiling , dim-lighting and comfy sofas. There is a wine cellar featuring exotic wines and a private room for intimate dining. The menu is printed in a form of a large menu board. They have limited selections on the appetitzers and mains and focus more on their pasta, risotto and the pizzas. Based on reviews, their risotto is quite popular.They also offer a 3 or 4 course set lunch priced at $35 ++ and $45++ respectively. Due to the limited selections on the ala-carte menu, I decided to have the 4 course set lunch.Semi-dried tomato & Spinach salad with pine nuts, parmagiano reggiano with chilli & garlic dressing The small serving salad came in an over-sized blue plate. I had the salad without the pinenuts.This was a simple spinach salad but was on the oily side as the chef uses a large amount of olive oil in the salad.Soup of the day- Cream of vegetable soup I am not a fan of soup except the fabulous Lobster Bisque I had at Le Saint Julien. This vegetable soup taste like carrot soup with cream and I was feeling thirsty after having a few spoonful. Perhaps due to the MSG reaction??? Grilled cod fillet with tomato salsa & Balsamic reductionOther choices for mains includes the Grilled King Prawns, Pork Escalope and the Rack of Lamb. I didn’t took notice the Grilled King Prawns on the menu until I took a picture of the menu. I actually would prefer having the King Prawns to the Grilled Cod but I didn’t make the change to save the trouble. I was glad I made a wise choice for my mains. The cod fillet was baked, presented beautifully on a bed of spinach, topped with salsa and garnished with two jumbo and juicy tomatoes.The cod, was crispy on the outside but so soft and tender on the interior. The fish flakes off easily using my fork, I have nothing but praises for the baked cod. However, the balsamic reduction was a little on the greasy side (see the oil!) . I hope the oil is either olive oil or the fish oil from the cod. The tomato salsa and the orange segments added a refreshing after-taste after enjoying the cod! Love the cod!I simplyyy love tomatoes and when I popped each of the jumbo tomatoes into my mouth, the juice of the tomato just burst out! I had to cover my mouth to prevent it from spilling and of course, the unglam scene. Maraschino ice-cream Dessert was a choice of the Maraschino ice-cream or the Basil marinated strawberries. Seriously, I have no idea what is Maraschino until I did a goggle search on the net. I was told that the ice-cream had a bubble-gum flavour and was worth trying. The scoop of *Maraschino ice-cream is served with some gooseberries and blueberries in a tall glass. When I first tried it, it taste quite funny and unique. It reminds me of some sort of cough syrup but was generally quite ok.Overall verdict: Generally, I am very pleased with the food, ambience and service here. The food that I had was pretty good (just a little on the greasy side), the ambience scored at least an 8 as I like the design and decor of the interior. The service was professional and attentive. continue reading
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