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105 Clementi Street 12, #01-30
Golden Sauce Crab Live Lobster in Superior Broth Steamed Shellfish Live Prawns “Intoxicated” in Chinese Wine Claypot Hokkien Noodles Coconut Pudding
The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Ave West #03-53
Charcoal Grilled Mackerel and Pork Pork Katsu
West Coast Recreation Centre, 12 West Coast Walk #01-11
Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish in Superior Soy Sauce with Scallions Lemongrass Pork Ribs in Crispy Yam Ring Signature Cereal Prawns Signature Imperial Oyster Sauce Chicken Steamed Lobster with Glutinous Treasure Rice
CityVibe, 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, #01-17/18
Boiled Frog in Szechuan Style Hot & Spicy Beef Tianfu Spicy Prawn
721 Clementi West Street 2, #01-138/140
Earn 10 Points
NEWest, 1 West Coast Drive, #01-85/86
Rack of Pork St. Louis BBQ Pork Ribs
Earn 10 Points
Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #04-34 & 04-K3/K4
Banh Mi Fried Glass Noodles with Lemongrass Pho Noodle Soup Summer Rolls with Prawns, Grilled Chicken and Chicken Ham Vietnamese Fried Rice with Seafood
Earn 10 Points
NEWest, 1 West Coast Drive, #01-98/99
Sashimi Omakase
Gantral Mall @ Clementi Building, 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West #02-05/06/07
Spicy Fried Chili Chicken Ma La Baby Lobster Ma La Hotpot
Blk 106 Clementi St 12 #01-40/42
Pasta Laksa Fish & Chips Lim's Chicken Wings Burger Steak
Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3 # 01-121
Curry Prawn Steam Pomfret Prawn Paste Chicken Wings Chili Crab
NEWEST, 1 West Coast Drive, #01-93/70
Matsu Gozen Kiku Gozen Chawanmushi Dobin Mushi
321 Clementi Ave 3 #02-08
416 Pandan Gardens, #01-122
Blk 726 Clementi West Street 2 #01-195