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This is rting living in Yishun. I am a StudentI like to hang out in Bugis, Orchard, Yishun. Japanese, Korean, ALL FOOD AND CUISINE! are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bakery, Café, Hawker Centre and Pasta, Sushi/Sashimi, BBQ, ALL FOOD AND CUISINE!.
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My favorite place for cakey~ Smile Jul 25, 2010   
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Categories : Japanese | Bakery

Antoinette ($8): Light, smooth white chocolate mousse sitting on a thin layer of sponge, enveloping a heart of mango puree for a mildly refreshing twist.

I've always associated white chocolate with "overly sweet" and "rich". But this cake has given me new perspective; the cloudlike white chocolate mousse here is sweetened to just the right degree.

LRRH ($8.50): My, what a flawless complexion you have! As with all of K Ki's cakes, this LRRH has been perfectly assembled. Look at how even the sheen of chocolate is! Stunning, isn't she?

And of course, nothing but Valrhona dark chocolate would do. There's some raspberry puree hidden within the smooth mousse which lightens the richness of all that chocolate. Good for people like me who don't quite fancy chocolate mousses for that reason!

Kinabaru ($8): I love passionfruit. No wonder I'm especially enamored with this layered creation of etherally light coconut mousse and sunshine-yellow passionfruit creme. While the well-balanced flavors were mild on the tastebuds, this creation deeply impressed.

Kinabaru, you're clearly my favorite thus far... I'll be having you again! I think Mom will take a fancy to you too. Maybe I'll get her a large version of you on her birthday!

See how precisely the Kinabaru has been sliced? And how the different layers are perfectly parallel to each other? (:

K Ki comes up with simply refined creations. One thing that I like about the cakes is how they're sweetened to just the right degree, another is how beautifully presented they always are. One's gotta love the warm and friendly service too!






Recommended Dish(es):  Kinabaru, Antoinette, Cafe Dumo
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