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This is playst living in Dhoby Ghaut. I work in Dhoby Ghaut.
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Categories : Spanish | Paella | Brunch

I visited the lovely Little Spanish Place restaurant today and below is my review of their food. First of all their service is excellent, their chief from the Philippines is very friendly and handsome and I enjoy his introduction to the Spanish food. The Decor is very lovely and homely as well !

a) Croquettas

The skin is soft and not crispy despite being fried. It tast like normal mash potatoe being fried. The garlic mayonnaise sauce taste normal. Overall it taste normal and nothing special. I will have rated it higher if the skin is crispy and they increase the taste level of this dish.

Rating : 6.5/10

b) Gambas al ajillo

This is a prawn base dish fried in a nice sauce and serve with a piece of hard bread. The sauce is very nice and flavourful and I enjoy it very much. The prawn is nice fresh and delicious. Yummy !

Rating : 8.5/10

c) Champinones al horno

This is a tapas dish as well with a hard piece of bread at the bottom, on top of it are 2 nice big juicy mushoom, melted cheese, a piece of prawn and lastly some vegetables and sauce. This is my favourite dish as the mushroom is very nice juicy and tender and the entire combination goes well with each other and it taste very good. One word of advice slice the tapas into half before eating as it is very hot !

Rating : 9/10

d) Paella de la casa

It is a seafood base yellow rice dish serve nicely with extremely well decorated fresh oyster, prawns, squid and chicken. One look and the dish looks extremely impressive amoung all the other dish I had eaten so far tonight ! However the yellow rice stick onto the base of the pan and got a bit of a "chao ta" burn taste. The cook should have stir the rice while cooking. Cooking everything without stiring the rice maintain the overall beautiful outlook but it cause the rice to stick to the pan at the bottom which is not good. There is a round thing that looks like the Chinese bak kua place ontop of the dish and it taste very saltish so do not eat it. The prawns are fresh as usual and the yellow rice taste a bit saltish.

Rating : 7/10

e) Torilla di patata

It is a bonus dish serve by our wonder nice friendly chief. It is basically a mesh potatoe omlette that is cut into a nice cake looking shape. The taste is really too overwhelming and over powering and I feel like throwing out after eating it. I think they should seriously consider removing this from the menu.

Rating : 4/10

f) Dessert platter

It consist of 3 items. One is a piece of hard looking brown deep fried stick of floor coated with sugar, dip into a hot dark chocolate sauce. Next is a scoop of strawberry ice-cream and lastly is a small piece of chocolate tart. The brown stick of floor is nice and crispy and blend well with the dark chocolate dip. After I eat finish eating the brown stick I even use my spoon to finish up the dark chocolate dip as it taste very nice, delicious and smooth. The strawberry ice cream is hand made according to the chef as he need to keep on stiring the ice-cream every few minutes. It taste a bit sour like those healthy sorbet ice-cream but not too sour and it taste just right. Next is the tiny chocolate tart it is also rich in chocolate and it is nice and delicious. Everything taste good and the only problem with this dish is that the proportion is a bit tiny ! If they increase the size and proportion I will give it a higher score.

Rating : 8.5/10

Recommended Dish(es):  Champinones al horno
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Mar 10, 2015 

Spending per head: Approximately $30(Dinner)

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