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French bakes baked with passion Smile Apr 17, 2015   
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Categories : Bakery | Café

Do.Main Bakery, a french bakery by Chef Frederick Deshayes who was the former Head of Pastry in Sunrice Globalchef Academy.
The first dish was the Charcuterie platter which consisted of duck n pistachio pate, pork rillette & kurobuta ham. Sourdough bread was provided to complete the whole dish. Liked the pork rillette and ham for its moistness and tenderness. The pate was a wee bit hard and dry.

Favorite will be the mouillettes or broken eggs which is basically the french version of our local soft boiled eggs. Difference is it was baked and not boiled. No salt needed as bits of bacon or tomatoes lies in the eggs . With stick breads.. texture like biscotti, mix and dip and enjoy the runnyness of the eggs. So smooth so nice!
Another highlight will be the oven baked cheese with potatoes and bacon or to be more french...Tartiflette Reblochon. The cheese was overpowering but the potatoes and bacon was a perfect combi.
Cassolette oven baked escargots. Prefer snails baked in their shells. More enjoyable eating straight ftom the shells. The herb butter garlic was flavorful but less is more.
Finally 3 types of sweets to end it all. Plum tart, eclairs & paris brest. Paris Brest was my favorite....choux puff was crisp, cream had the right sweetness and consistency. Not a fan of the plum tart as it was too tangy and eclair was just eclair.
Oh yes.... the chouxpinettes was delish. Thanks to Chef Frederick for that parting gift. Would I go back So.Main? A resounding yes as there are many other breads & pastries beckoning out loudly for consumption😊






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