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Categories : American | Bars/Lounges | Burgers and Sandwiches

On 13th January 2016, my husband and I were honored to be invited for a free food-tasting session at Wildfire Burgers, a restaurant located at 313 Somerset, Orchard Road. The restaurant itself was in a prominent spot, a breeze to find, and the overall ambience was pretty pleasant. We got to try a total of seven dishes: Black Ebi Burger, Truffled Mushroom Burger, Southern Style Fried Chicken, Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken, Curry Fries, Sichuan Fries and Chilli-Cheese Fries.

The Black Ebi Burger was the first dish tasted. It is very flavorful and the shrimp has a nice bite to it. The Truffled Mushroom Burger, however, was far more outstanding to me and easily became one of my favourite and most memorable dishes of the night. This burger consisted of a bread bun, a beef patty, mushrooms and rocket leaves. I must mention that the mushrooms, in particular, were cooked to a very nice texture - very smooth and aromatic with a soft bite to it. Its flavor blends beautifully and harmoniously with the texture and taste of the rocket leaves. The beef patty was a tad too hard and dry for me - however, that was my only disappointment with the burger. The bun is soft and sweet, and the overall taste of the burger is cohesive and well thought out. A must try especially for mushroom lovers! smile

The two chicken dishes which followed are a joy to eat. We got to try the Southern Style Fried Chicken and the Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken. In both dishes, the chicken thigh meat is smooth, succulent, juicy, glistening and tender. Both items were very tasty, and the best part is that the meat is boneless for easy eating and maximum enjoyment. The Southern Style Fried Chicken features a dip of maple syrup, which makes for a nice and palatable blend of sweet and salty. The Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken featured a bright red-colored sauce that was delightfully spicy, refreshing without going too overboard on the "hotness" factor. 

The last three dishes featured in the night's menu were Curry Fries, Sichuan Fries and Chilli-Cheese Fries. I was greeted with a delightful burst of fresh curry flavor with the Curry Fries, yet happy to note that the curry taste itself was not overdone. Deep-fried curry leaves added a unique fragrance twist to the dish, enahncing the taste and making it more memorable. The Sichuan Fries, however, was a dish that I would probably not be eating very frequently, as the taste did not appeal to me personally, plus there was a strong tingling sensation which numbs the tongue and can get overwhelming when eaten in abundance. I guess the sensation gotten from eating the Sichuan Fries can be described as somewhat interesting, but this was my least memorable part of the meal. The Chilli-Cheese Fries were far more enjoyable for my taste buds. A wonderful blend of both texture and flavor of the ingredients, the taste of both the beef chilli and cheese intermingled together, with the dollops of sour cream on top being a nice finishing touch.

Overall, it was a memorable evening, the organisers of the event were pleasant, easy going and natural in their interaction with guests. The restaurant staff were excellent and accomodating, and service was good. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends. smile 
Recommended Dish(es):  Truffled Mushroom Burger,Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken,Chilli-Cheese Fries,Curry Fries
Date of Visit: Jan 13, 2016 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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