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This is mycc living in Central. I work in Central. I like to hang out in Chinatown, Raffles Place, Orchard. Japanese, Singaporean, Multi-Cuisine are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hawker Centre, Bakery and Roasted Meat, Desserts and Cakes, Dim Sum.
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Popiah - same but different. OK Jun 03, 2013   
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Categories : Hawker Centre

The stall is originated from the already demolished Margaret Drive Food Centre. It is supposed to be the same but not quite. The original stall owner decided to retire and his son has since taken over part of the business. The son has a stall at Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre making the popiah skins. The father decided to pass the other part of business to an old friend. This old friend used to run a braised duck rice and noodle stall in Margaret Drive Food Centre. As this old friend is catching up with age, he decided to close its braised duck rice and noodle stall as it required too much efforts in running the stall and he could no longer cope with it.

This good friend is guided by the original owner to start this stall in this food centre and using the same name to continue the popiah business.
The elderly uncle manned the stall solely.

The elderly uncle manned the stall solely.

The price has been raised to $1.30. I was there during the supposedly busy lunch time but the business of this stall seemed to be quite slow. I was the other customer right there. The stall was manned by the elderly uncle solely. The uncle was a little slow in assembling the ingredients, wrapping and cutting the popiah.

I waited for less than 5 minutes to order and to get it. It was served placing on a disposable plate. Those plastic plates are for orders of 2 pieces and more.
Popiah at $1.30.

Popiah at $1.30.

Though the skin is supposedly to be handmade but it turned out to be quite dry. The owner may not be doing a good job in keeping the skins well. The turnip filling tasted bland. The amount of beansprouts was not as generous as it used to be so it kinda compromised on its texture. It did not have a distinctive taste though there were other ingredients like boiled egg and grounded peanuts added. The chilli did not taste as good as before too.
The Stall.

The Stall.

I followed the original stall when they first started in an old coffee shop then moved to the already demolished food centre. I was quite a fan for a decade long.

Sadly, i am a fan no more after this particular experience.

Though this is not a bad testing popiah but it just did not taste as good as it used to be of yesteryear.
Date of Visit: May 30, 2013 

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