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Wimi Smile Nov 17, 2015   
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Categories : Thai | Ice Cream and Gelato

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Not long ago I had went to Bangkok's Chatuchak Market and was kind of hooked to their snacks along the roads while shopping and one of them was none other than their coconut ice cream. Beating the heat, it was a real enjoyable moment enjoying such local special dessert at the side of the road.


Residing in the western part of Singapore, I had news that the mall, 321 had recently opened. Although the mall has not been fully opened, I have already seen articles of Wimi with ice cream in the Thai coconut shell. That's where temptation starts.
Do You Know?

Do You Know?

Wimi sells traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream, fresh coconut and coconut soft serve. We had the Traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream. It came with 2 scoops of coconut ice cream, a cup of fresh coconut juice and 3 toppings of our choice. Toppings include peanut, Aloe Vera, Atap Seed, Chendol, Grass Jelly and Sweet Corn. There are also premium toppings like Gingko Nuts, jackfruit, kidney beans, mango, red ruby and taro yam for your selection.
Traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream - $4.90

Traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream - $4.90

Selected Toppings: Grass Jelly, Chendol & Attap Seed

Selected Toppings: Grass Jelly, Chendol & Attap Seed

These coconut ice cream were made fresh daily without any stabilizers or preservatives. For the coconut ice cream, I had opted the original instead of the stronger taste. Both type was refreshing with coconut flavour, the only difference is that the stronger flavour was less milky and with more coconut taste. Sweetness level was mild and was very soothing. On a side note, we all agreed that the Chendol (Cocconut Jelly) was more towards salty side.
Selected Toppings: With Chendol, Nata De coco & Pineapple

Selected Toppings: With Chendol, Nata De coco & Pineapple

I have never thought that Thai's Ice Cream will be up in trend over here in Singapore lately and it's rather surprise to see them again. In fact, I was rather happy to see Wimi offering such dessert. For those who share the same sentiments as me, its great that we do not have to travel to Thailand to enjoy such desserts.
With Attap Seed, Pineapple and Peanuts

With Attap Seed, Pineapple and Peanuts



Spending per head: Approximately $4.90(Tea)

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