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This is stargirl . I also love Restaurant, Stall / Kiosk, Bakery and Desserts and Cakes, Ice Cream and Gelato.
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This is myfoodsirens . French, Italian, Japanese are my favorite cuisines..

I had my first meal at Iggy's when it was still at Regent Hotel and it was great. Now that it has moved to Hilton Hotel, it's time to see what new tricks does Iggy's have up its sleeve =) Unfortunately, I think I went expecting too much. Overall, the meal was nice, but nothing fantastic. Since it's priced at a premium, I was hoping for something more but I can't remember any...
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This is alkanphel living in Clementi. I work in Clementi. I like to hang out in Bugis, Orchard, Clementi. Italian, Japanese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hawker Centre, Café and Sushi/Sashimi.

Singapura Restaurant is really one of those old school Chinese restaurants which look like it was stuck back in the 90s. The food is also similarly traditional, in fact this was the restaurant that supposedly introduced cold crabs to Singapore! Their clientele is also pretty famous, one can see photos of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, and even a recent one of SM Goh! The foo...
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