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I have heard that Lim Chee Guan is quite famous so I went to  the Chinatown Branch to buy some. When I arrived at the shop at around 2:00pm , there was already a long queue. It  took around 20 minutes for me to buy the honey glazed pork jerky which was filled with the fragrance of charcoal and glazed with a layer of honey.  It looked very delicious particularly those frizzled parts...
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明明有一週時間待在新加坡,應該做到看到更多的事與物 不過還是與友人悠閒四逛自在一點,反正這麼就近總有再訪的機會 直至最後一天上機之前我們仍在趕路,拖著行李來到機場附近的樟宜村小販中心 七天過去,而美食清單上的項目卻沒消去,但是來到美食廣場就一次過可以嚐到不同滋味 01-69 A 康樂炒蝦麵 Kang Le Fried Prawn Mee 雖然從店名可推斷粉蝦麵才是其專長所在,但那一刻...
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This is TheArcticStar . I like to hang out in Clarke Quay, Dempsey Rd, Orchard. French, Japanese, I love all cuisine are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel, Restaurant, Bars/Lounges and Seafood, Sushi/Sashimi, Dim Sum, Desserts.

An interesting and outstanding outdoor-ish dining / drinks concept at the edge of Far East Square, The Chambers is almost iconic with its white thatched logo bearing its name. I passed by many times but always had to wonder what this place was all about, since there was no website nor Facebook on it. I saw a bar counter stacked with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, then I heard...
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This is RunningMan .

Founded in April 2012, SPRMRKT (pronounced 'Supermarket') was born from the idea that food, retail, and art could be melded into a single, enjoyable experience. The brainchild of Designer / Director Sue-Shan Quek, and Chef Joseph Yeo, with pastry chef Furrene Hoh, SPRMRKT was set up as a concept store, offering casual gourmet dining with the twist of an ar...
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