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Categories : Beijing

I’ve definitely seen the better days of laobeijing and it has definitely declined drastically over the last year.

Conclusion: rude staff, lousy service, mediocre food

We waited for an hour for our food to be served and the staff did not care one bit while all the other tables have finished their meal, we finally got our small portion food served. The big disappointment was the duck where they just slice the duck from the kitchen and threw the carcass out (without informing you where the rest of the duck you paid is going to the bin) where as other restaurants will serve the carcass as standard.

Staff were very unhelpful, turns a blind eye and deaf ear to anything you ask for, and definitely did not do anything to help.

Juts utterly disappointed by the service and the quality and quantity of food, will not recommend anyone to visit this restaurant to avoid disappointment

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