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Being a tea junkie and a Dilmah fan, I was looking forward
to finally attend the ‎Dilmah x Earle Swensen's tea appreciation workshop at Vivocity last week.
The event did not disappoint, with the sessionwell planned and an experience that was fun as well as informative‎.
The area set aside for our function was a tasteful, riot of colours. Various flavours of Dilmah's 'Exceptional' line of teas served as both decoration as well as set the mood with its presentation. The far table hosted a pressurised hot water dispenser which we would later learn, maintained its contents at the perfect temperature that tea was to be best savoured.
The appreciation itself was conducted by a Dilmah representative who took the audience through the history and origin of the Dilmah brand - named after the founders two sons Dilham and Mahlik. We were, as well, instructed in the process of the production of tea - from plucking to withering, to rolling, fermentation and firing. It was interesting to learn that combinations of these processes resulted in what is commonly thought to be the different kinds of teas: Black, White and Oolong.The taste pairings of food and tea that punctuated the occasion were most definitely the highlight of the afternoon. Participants in the event were served a couplet of courses: Dilmah's Peppermint and English Breakfast teas with Earle Swensen's Chips and Slaw sandwich; and later, ‎Elegant Earl Grey and Ceylon Green teas with a slice of Neapolitan ice cream cake. These pairings were an introduction to Earle Swensen's Teatime Happiness promotion.
Teatime Happiness Menu

Teatime Happiness Menu

Teatime Happiness Menu

Teatime Happiness Menu

Many thanks to Dilmah, Earle Swensens and Openrice for the organisation of such an exquisite event. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and heartily encourage this menu for a delicious tea break!
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Date of Visit: Oct 07, 2015 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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