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Categories : Japanese | Steaks and Grills | BBQ

You would have heard of Collin's from your favourite neighbourhood coffeeshops. Affordable and big on taste, these coffeshop western grills are the perfect getaway for a western and japanese fanfare whenever the craving hits at your friendly locations.

Psst: my family's favourite has always been their grilled white fish and salmon pasta. That aside, I am glad Collin's has expanded and grow its own standalone store at Shaw Plaza, Balestier.

In continuing expanding their personal touch to customers, keeping excellent food quality with great prices, Collin's a great place for your next dining gathering.

Collin’s at Shaw Plaza has both indoor and outdoor seating al fresco dining experience. Enjoy a relaxing dining experience with your loved ones under the cozy ambience.


Still offering the hot favorites, the new store sees the inclusion of a much exclusive and expanded variety of options on the menu.

First up- PIZZAS.

You will not go wrong with their handmade, hand stretched 12 inch thin crust pizzas , made fresh from the ovens. Collin's open concept kitchen allows customers to view the cooking and preparation procedures.


Collin's Special $16.80

Consisting of ham, bacon, sausages, onion, olives, mushrooms and salami this pizza has a crispy base and topped with generous yummy toppings for all the savory and meaty lovers.


Love something fruity?

Frutti Di Mare $16.80, is a mix of seafood such as shrimps, squids, mussels, crab meat and pesto with hits of zestiness.


We can't forget the Signature Duck Confit $13.50

Tender whole duck leg meat braised to perfection and at a reasonable price too! Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Crispy on the outside, served with mushroom ragout, salad, crushed potatoes and shallot balsamico sauce.

Specially created, the Christmas Gourmet Menu 2015 is available from now till 30 December and here are 2 of the dishes on the menu.

The Winter Potato Salad with Ham and Chestnut. $5.90

Comes mixed with honey mustard sauce for a small appetizer to kick start.

Also on the Christmas menu is the Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel $11.90

Poached mussels, prawns, salmon and assorted veggies in tomato based sauce. Loved the salmon's sweet, freshness.


Old favourites include Appetizer Platter with a classic selection of buffalo drumlets, pork sausages, tempura squid tentacles and potato noodle prawn rolls. $18.90

Finger quick picks for all.



For drinks, here's the Chocolate and Avocado Shake $4.90 we had.

Thick and smooth milkshake.

Mocha $3.90

Desserts for the sweet tooth in you?

Baked Caramel Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream and seasonal fruits $6.90

Looking pretty and tastes great too.

Grand Marnier Orange Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and seasonal fruits $7.90

Get some sugar high with this melty souffle classic that's baked to order and requires 10 mins of waiting,


This affordable dining place has evolved better to suit customers' needs and demands while keeping price affordable to suit the mass market. If you are looking for a great place with awesome tasty food, Collin's might just be your choice this festive season!
Date of Visit: Dec 16, 2015 

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Categories : American | Restaurant | Chinese Soup

What best to keep yourself warm and fuzzy after a cold rainy day? How a serving of Bread Bowl? Served within with warm pipping soup, take your pick from the selections available. Here's where you can find some delicious delectable soup without having to prepare them yourself - Seattle Pike Chowder. Good news to the people staying at East Coast because right smack in Marine Parade Central is this newly 2 months old chowder restaurant.

We went tasting for 3 types of chowders served by them.

Below's the low-down:


With Bread Bowl from $12.90 - $14. Without Bread Bowl vary from $8.90 onwards.

1. New England Clam Chowder

This was my favourite. Comprising of Chopped Ocean Clams, potatoes, celery, onion, thyme, white pepper, sea salt, clam stock, butter and flour.

Served in a crispy bread bowl prepared fresh from the kitchen is the best way to ensure your soup stays warm and 'smoky' throughout. We were amazed by the high "insulation" of the breadbowl. Even 20 mins down after serving. Besides the bread was crusty and not toughen. It was very easy to tear the bread apart, accompanied with which chowder choices, served as a fufilling yummy and soupy meal.

Packed with ample ingredients among the thick delectable chowder, this breadbowl is good for sharing as well should you have a small apprtieie

As we were too full after each of our breadbowl, subsequent servings came without the breadbowl just for tasting. Rest assured they were just as good.

2. Next : Seafood Bisque.


Seafood Bisque comes filled with salmon, cod, crab, baby shrimp, garlic, black pepper, sea salt, tomato-basil-cream broth, shellfish stock, cream, butter and flour.

Creamy seafood delight if you love having a mix of everything.

3. Lastly, Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Ingredients include smoked salmon, cream cheese, potato, crapers, onion, celery, tomato,gerlic, smoked salt, black pepper, shellfish stock, cream, milk, butter and flour.

The smoked taste is quite intense foe this chowder and if you don't really prefered a 'burnt' aftertaste, this is perhaps not for you.

Here's the overall price range and the other choices available.

If you wanna end your meal on a sweet note, just adjacent to Seattle Pike Chowder, there's the huge showcase of Gelato under Giovanni, belonging to the same company group.

Look at the gorgeous varitety of lovely gelato!!

Eggnog ( a maix of salted egg and chocolate is their exclusive). Of course there are many other interesting yummy flavors too.



Here's our 3 scoops of gelato!!

Classics range from $4.90 per scoop (Flavours include Chocolate VIC, Kinder etc) and Premiums range from $5.90 per scoop (Flavours include signature Pistachio, Eggnog, Chai Tea etc)

And more...

Thannks to @alamakgirl who purchased the affogato with crispy popcorns and allowed us to have the chance to snap photos of this creation.


It's too bad Marine Parade is too far from me and I am not an east-sider. However is you frequent Marine Parade often, why not try out Seattle Pike Chowder when the cravings for some pipping slurppy soups surface?

Thanks to OpenriceSg and Seattle Pike Chowder for the invites!

Located just facing McDonald's, in the same outdoor seating space.

Date of Visit: Aug 13, 2015 

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Categories : Multi-Cuisine | Hotel | Buffet

**All photos are copyright of the author**

How do I even begin to introduce the gorgeous sumptuous international buffet lineup Novotel has lineup for foodie diners like you and I?

Head on to 7th floor of Novotel Clarke Quay, directly linked from Liang Court and step into the lux classy ambience of The Square. With it's soft lightings and sparkling interiors, this is the best place for a family dining or luncheon with your clients.

Let me first show you the (almost) endless permanent buffet spread before introducing the new menu exclusively for the month of August. It's nowhere near Christmas, but it felt a lot like it as we tucked into the appealing, delectable lineup right before us.

I bet you will be tempted to head down to Novotel's The Square by the end of this post! And I tell you, pricing is very much affordable. The very amiable and attentive crew definitely adds on to the whole dining experience. We had a great time interacting with the staff and chefs of Novotel.

Read right till the end for pictures of all the yummy spreads~!

Here are some of the Dinner choices.

Traditional Lamb Stew

Snapper with Caper Sauce. YUMS!

Roast Chicken

Assorted condiments and ingredients for their Laksa / Mee Rebus concoction.

Here's our mini bowl of Laksa packed with goodness. The Laksa gravy was heavenly rich and flavorful with just the right amount of coconut and chili.


Another finger-licking good Kebab wrap roll.

Here's its presentation- The Kebab is mouthwatering good. Warm and tender in the wrap, must try!

We met up with Mr Black Pepper Crab on that day. Crab is available only for dinner.

Appetizers are aplenty too! Much choices to choose from. There's Seafood Salad...

OR.. choose to create your own salad combination at the salad bar.

So much olives to choose from!!

and much more...

Risottos are cooked up with fresh, live scopes of parmesan cheese, prepared right on the spot!

Hit on with the rich creamy Mushroom Risotto. Very Smooth~~

More savory, tangy spiciness for you to heat things up? Go sizzling with this Stir Fried Eggplant and Lady's Finger. I love the level of spiciness.

The Chicken Devil Curry is not to be missed!

Simply because it's Shiokness in a spicy, delectable curry gravy wraped abrount the chicken bites.

Black Pepper prawn.

Other cold dishes include Oysters, Clams, Prawns, Sushi etc. Note they do not serve Salmon Sashimi.

As part of the permanent lineup, here are some sweets to end of the meal.

One speciality is their Durian Pengat, which is simply AWESOME!

If you love durian, you will adore this. Using only fresh durian flesh and gula melaka with no other added white sugar, this pengat is creamy to its max and velvety. The very best I have ever had.

Grab this when at The Square! Always available.

Close up shot of the Durian Pengat! Bagus!

Cheese crafts.

Chocolate Molten Fountain for the dippers in you.

Of course drinks like coffee and tea are available.

Clean cut, spacious and welcoming ambience at Novotel's The Square.

Now that I have introduced the permanent savory buffet spread, it's time to give you an insight to the exclusive theme The Square had launched in July, just a few days back actually. For the month of July, the theme was on Sweet Indulgence, so just imagine the amount of candies you could have tried! Despite it being over for now, there's a new theme in August and you wouldn't want to miss it either, more about the Aug theme below.

Before that, let me just recap on the pretty sweets for July's theme. We girls just went gaga over the lovely creations.

Look at the gorgeous spread!

To the chef who helmed this Sweet Indulgence creation, it's none other than Chef Sin Siak who won numerous acclaimed awards and whom very welcomingly introduced us to his desserts curation and inspirations. I am telling you even for a non-sweet tooth person like me, I FELL IN LOVE with the dessert spread which wasn't overly gelat nor sweet.

Every single pieces is so GOOD~

From bottom left: Orange Tea Cake, Raspberry Earl Grey Cake, Lemon Meringue Tart, Chocolate Pineapple Cake.

Lemon Grass Jelly.

Panna Cotta

Sparkling Champagne Jelly carries subtle hints of alcohol mixed with jelly sweetness.

Mango Mousse Cake...... tart,zesty, lovely.

Chocolate Pineapple Cake with bits of Pineapple tartness to counter off the sweetness of choclate. Match.

Choclate Devil Cake. Art meets desserts = Perfecto~

Chocolate Nutty Cake. With a crumbly base and deep rich chocolate melting in your mouth, this is my favourite!

My second favourite has to be the Raspberry Earl Grey Tea Cake. Infusion of tea and chocolate raspberry, this is such a joy to savor. A pure bliss creation!

Plus, it's super photogenic!!

Right! So you have read so far, thanks for scrolling down reading because now's the time to introduce the August's exclusive theme- The Peranakan month!

Yes, very much thankful to the generous people of Novotel The Square, we were presented with a table full of sumptuous Peranakan delights. It was really a pampering feast!

All these creation for the Peranakan month comes from Chef Kishen (middle).

Chef Jeremy (left) walked us through the buffet line with the introduction earlier on. thank you!

Okay, here's the Peranakan Spread!!

Nonya Style Assam Fish

Drooling worthy. Comes served in steamed and deep-fried version, the sauce is all good with all its tangy sweetness cum spicy hotness. The original sweetness of the fish might have "overwhelmed" due to the much stronger flavor of the Assam sauce.

Nonetheless, a good dish to try out for the fish lovers.

This is the fried version.

Yup I know it looks the same, but the taste and texture is slightly different between the two.

Bakwan Kepiting.

Soup for your soul?

This soup with minced chicken and pork balls is all very savory and nice but a tad too salty. We have feedbacked to them for improvement and it should be better when launched.

Unlike traditional Kepiting, there's no crabmeat involved as some might be allergic to crab or seafood and thus a change to meat instead.

The meat balls are yummy.

Ayam Buah Keluak

A savory, mild spicy mix of chicken parts with the Buah Keluaks. Good.

Chicken Devil Curry.

This was my 2nd favourite simply for it's very shiok spiciness!

My top top choice has to be the Kueh Pai Tee.

Crispy Pai Tee filled with assorted vegetable fillings.

*Crunch crunch* Very delicious.

Pop it in your mouth, one shot.

Babi Pngteh

Braised pork with mushrooms. Nice! Non-spicy, this was used with pork ribs instead of pork belly for better flavoring.

We had a surprise treat when served with Penyat Oysters!! These huge succulent oysters are coated with a crispy batter and goes so heavenly well with the sambal chili sauce.

Really top-notch !

Awesome fresh, juicy and tasty flavorful all one mouthful. Such indulgence.

One more please!

Last but not least, end off the Peranakan feast with the Traditional Nonya Kuehs.

Thanks to Mr Spencer Mong, marketing manager of Novotel Singapore, who made us feel at home and for making this happen. Of course can't forget Openrice Sg for the hardwork and linking us up!! You know who you are lady- Reka!

Date of Visit: Jul 30, 2015 

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Categories : Italian | Ice Cream and Gelato

Housed in a heritage shop house, +39 Gelato Bar prides itself in serving the first live, state-

of-the-art gelato concept in the Asia Pacific region. Lovingly made fresh every day, the different gelato flavours are 100% natural, using premium and exquisite ingredients sourced both locally and from the home of gelato, Italy. +39 Gelato Bar ensures that no added flavorings, colours, preservatives or chemical additives are added to keep up with gelato’s reputation as a 100% healthy and delectable pleasure (Only natural stabiliser is used here).

It's not hard to spot them with the prominent gelato cone right outside the shopfront.


Gelato flavors of the day differs daily and will be listed at the counter.

Step right into this boutique-styled gelato bar is at its finest with its clean-cut homely deco yet rewarding customers with a wallet-friendly pricing.

Here, we have Jacopo Quaglia, Director & Gelato Coach at +39 Gelato Bar Gelato who gave us a brief on the origin and 'benefits' of gelato are. To quote Jacopo, he compared gelato as akin to 'Pill food without having to chew and simply let your mind fly'. That's the gelato experience +39 Gelato Bar wants you to leave with by the time you step out of the shop.

and we had Stefano Cadorin; gelato chef of +39 Gelato Bar as well with us.

We were next treated to some very interesting live demonstrations of their gelato creation.

Using state-of-the-art IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani, the manufacturer of world-class gelato equipment has been brought into Asia for the very first time and you can now witness the combination of the highest quality ingredients mixed and frozen right into the smoothest, finest most delicious gelato in Singapore.

These are the IdeaTre machine behind the smooth cool gelato.

Vanilla Gelato from +39 Gelato Bar are made purely from Vanilla Beans with no added vanilla essence whatsoever.

I kid you not for their gelato were really velvety smooth, just swallow and savour the delectable flavors. Put the gelato in your mouth and it melts to heaven.

Gelato needs to be create fresh daily and here's a tip: if you see a 'mountain' of gelato on display in stores, they are probably not very fresh as gelato can only be kept fresh for 3 days.

Each day, only small volumes are produced to ensure freshness.

Quality assurance.

We FELL IN LOVE with the Creamy, cool texture of the gelato.

This taste was really something I have not tasted in Singapore. Yet.

Now you can get your Italian Gelato fix right at home, isn't it awesome that the good people from Itaty are finally here to bring us authentic creations. Thank YOU!


Do you know?

In Europe, Gelato artisans make gelato nutritious and often have gelato as a meal replacement! Sounds wonderful right?! Of course Asians are still not used to this idea yet but Jacopo went on to explain how the nutrients come about: Cream provides fats, fruits provides fiber, nuts protein and of course there's sugar. Aren't you happy now?

Good news for ladies: Gelatos are less fattening than ice cream with 10% lesser cream and butter. Rejoice for more!!

Meanwhile the chefs were in the midst of creating the Frozen Aperol Spritz Sorbet.

Of course, this creation involves Aperol- an Italian Spirit with 11% alcohol content.

Topped with the sorbet and there you have it! Served by Jacopo ( He's really friendly in fact. tongue )


The Frozen Cocktail range, which includes the Frozen Aperol Spritz, is selling at $14 (before GST) per serving. During Happy Hours (daily, 6-8pm ), it is going for $10 nett.

Take Heed for some early Cheers!

Next up, we had the Waffles with two scoops of gelato.

Selling at $13 (before GST).


There you have it!!

The aesthetically pleasing Waffles with Gelato!! Definitely Instagram-able.

Here we have the mango and chocolate flavors.

What's so special you say?

The awesomeness lies in the Waffles! Unlike most which turn soggy when in contact with ice creams, their waffles remain crisp and fluffy warm with the gelato. Keep up the good work. and square shaped waffles definitely works for me.

Next combination is the Hazelnut and Pistachio which was a delightful happiness combo of my favorite flavors with +39 Gelato Bar.

Of course the accompaniment with the yummy waffles help too.

Another artisanal gelato creation.

Creative selections on the menu also includes the Gelato Sandwich (1 scoop at S$8.50+ , 2 scoops at S$11.50+).


Met the lovely gals- Jas, Jessie and Meryl and had a great time with them.

Here's the pricing menu...

AND... if you can do with some GREAT OFFERS,

Here's a BUY 2 GET 1 DISCOUNT COUPON for you!!!

Simply Flash this at the counter before 31st APRIL 2015! ( I have posted this on Instagram as well, just follow me and flash this picture)

I can only tell you so much but you have to come experience for yourself the sweet, heavenly taste of Italian, fresh gelato. Anyway with the blazing sun, you could do with a cooling treat, big on taste and less burden on your body. The choice would be- GELATO from +39 Gelato Bar. lol

Share with me your gelato experience after you have tried them out okay?

The creators of +39 Gelato, Jacopo and Stefano are always at the counter serving you, so if you have any feedbacks or comments, talk to them and they will be more than happy to listen.

Chill, sit in, have a gelato and forget all your troubles.

Below from left: Pistachio, Hazelnut and Strawberry Cinnamon. Many other tempting flavors to choose from.

Flavors change daily, so you never know what you will get. Everyday is a surprise really.

Follow +39 Gelato Bar on Social:

Instagram: @PLUS39GELATO


No. 29, Circular Road, Singapore 049385

Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 11pm.

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Categories : Bars/Lounges | Live Sports Broadcast

You have known Harry's Bar as a... well, bar with endless rounds of drinks and alcohols during your TGIF night out. However, now it's time for a new face-lift as Harry's Bar introduces the new breakfast menu. Located right in the hearts of Raffles Place, there's now no way you should be missing out on breakfast when a pop down to Harry's Bar brings you European comfort food. With gorgeous view by the river, overlooking skyscrapers and the ever looming landscapes of Boat Quay, this place calls for a relaxing chill out in the early morning s before the start of a hectic day.



Thanks to OpenRice Sg, we had the opportunity to try out their latest breakfast menu.

Croissant Croque Monsieur ($12)

What better way to start your day than to indulge with some buttery soft bread to fill up on your carbo? Flaky, light and fluffy croissant sandwiched with ham and melted cheese. Topped with

béchamel sauce for subtle hits of sweetness. There were not much béchamel sauce which perhaps has seeped into the croissant. Despite this, this serving was one of my favorites.

Comes with a balsamic simple salad.


Say Morning to warm fluffy muffins! ($2.90) each.

The important essence of muffins, for me, are to have them hot while they are still crusty on the top. That was just how Harry's muffins were.

Another love of mine, these muffins were not overly sweet and just nice.

Raspberry and Cheese.

Raspberry bits burst with melting cheese.

Banana and Peanut Butter Muffin.

This was our favorite mixed with the creamy soft peanut butter and banana.

Raisins and Walnuts.

These were slightly drier and didn't make much impression.

Granny Smith.

Apple crumble with apple bits hidden within, making a good choice as well!

Chicken Pot Pie ($12)

Need some creamy soup to warm your stomach?

Break into the flaky top crust and dig into a soup of your choice.

We had the Creamy Chicken and vegetables version. Yummy soup to go with the pie.

Another version would be the Mushroom and Potatoes with Vegetables.

Soft Boiled Eggs & Marmite Soldiers ($7)

Everyone's favourite soft boiled egg goes absolutely well with the crispy savory cheese toast, spread with Marmite. We love this simple goodness. Marmite attack!



Loving your eggs for breakfast?

You can't miss the Fry Ups.

Left: Vegetables Fry up. Right: Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Fry Up ($13)

Start your day with a nutritious fill up with sunny-sides up mixed in with beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas, served with sourdough.

This version was much nicer.

The Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Fry Up on the other hand was much saltier and we would much prefered if the seasoning be reduced as the cured meat were already salty on their own.

The way to had them is to break the egg yolk and soak them on the sourdough so as to soften the toast and makes it easier to have them all mixed up together.

Cranberry Juice ($6).

Not pure juices, but simply a cooling thirst quencher to accompaniment the yummy hearty breakfast at Harry's Bar.

Coffees, Lattes, Espresso are available as well.

Harry's Bar full Breakfast Menu and it’s available from 8 – 10.30am, available for Dine-In and Takeaway.

Have a tummy-filling day ahead!
Date of Visit: Apr 18, 2015 

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