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maface3 Smile May 17, 2011   
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Categories : Hawker Centre

It's been a long long time since I tried some fantastic and fulfilling hawker meal. Along the Jalan Bukit Merah Road, ABC market and food centre (next to Ikea), this is one of the few stalls here that is always having a crowd of customers sitting around their stall and enjoying the satay beehoon meal especially during night time. From my understanding, it has been operating since many decades ago during the old time place call “Or Kio Tow” Havelock road

The stall is run by an old couple and their eldest son taking turns to serve from order taking and preparing the ingredients (cuttlefish, kangkong, meat, cockles…), the beehoon and adding the self make satay sauce on the cooked bee hoon.
The first and foremost importance of the satay beehoon is without doubt the satay sauce(the main actor!). The self make satay sauce is thick, nice and went well nicely with the beehoon and ingredients. The sauce is really creamy and with strong taste and smell of peanut blended with the satay sauce. At the end of the day, it is the satay sauce that is the real star and we could just eat the beehoon wih only the satay sauce and that’s it (without all other ingredients)
What’s more, the owner actually promoting the satay sauce in paste form selling in their stall. With some written directions, it guides the consumer the use of the paste to convert into sauce for all kind of food blending and usages.

Now the sides (Care Lare Fare, or called it extra or supporting actors). The other ingredients are very fresh and the owner is generous on the portion especially if you asked for bigger plate (just only extra $1), your plate is full of ingredients ! Cockle, cuttlefish, meat and kangkong were cooked appropriately and blended well with the beehoon. Beehoon and ingredients were cooked in hot water, dry it before topping up with the satay gravy.

Comment : Value for $ !


Recommended Dish(es):  Satay beehoon
Date of Visit: May 13, 2011 

Spending per head: Approximately $3.00(Dinner)

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