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Truly Authentic Spanish Food Smile Mar 18, 2015   
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Categories : Spanish | Bars/Lounges

My Little Tapas Bar is actually a sister outlet of My Little Spanish Place, a spanish restaurant at bukit timah area.  Their philosophy is based on the Spanish saying, "Mi Casa es Su Casa", which means "My House is Your House". The first Spanish restaurant to be helmed by two chefs with strong Spanish heritage – Maria Sevillano from Salamanca, Spain and Edward Esmero from Philippines.

Unlike My Little Spanish Place which serves heavier spanish signature dishes, such as a variety of spanish paellas and spanish suckling pig, the menu for MLTB is a selection of both deli favourites from "La Despensa" and Jamon Bar, unique home-style tapas creations, and a wide selection of some of the World's best Spanish wines.




The moment I stepped into MLTP, it feels like I'm entering a little hideout. Once inside the restaurant, it doesn't feel like I'm in Singapore. The interior is cosy and warmly lit. The brick walls and wooden furniture adds a very rustic feel. Beautifully decorated window at the back, overlooking the alley behind the shophouses. Hidden from the Club Street crowd, it really feels like I'm in an italian backyard. So quaint!

This was my first time in an authentic spanish restaurant, was instantly intrigued by the 5 legs I saw on the counter. Then I was told it was for the Jamon, dry-cured ham from Spain, which were freshly sliced on the spot and carefully weighed for every serving. This brings us to the appetizer...

Jamon Ham Platter
Fermin / La Alberca / Serrano $7
10 Vetas / Jabugo / Iberico Bellota $16
(Prices per serving of 25g)

A typical platter of spanish appetiser. It's got two types of ham on it: Serrano from Fermin (lighter pink) and Jabugo from 10Vetas (dark brown). The cheese we had with our jamon was the munchego cheese. The almonds provided a nice crunch, roasted and unflavored, but the fragrance somes out while you chew. I usually don't eat olives but these ones were very fresh.

Sardinas en Escabeche

Homemade sardines in cooked in vinegar, olive oil and garlic, on toasted bread, and pepper puree. The sardines goes well with the pepper puree, which balances the strong sardine taste. Not my favorite dish as I'm not fond of sardines, but if you do, I must say the sardine has been cooked well and you should try this. 

Gambas Picantes

Fresh shrimp cooked in a dish of boiling olive oil with garlic, chili and smoked paprika. I loved this one! And to be honest I very seldom relish prawn dishes. The meat is soft and fragrant, because it has absorbed all the flavor of the garlic and paprika-infused oil. The oil can be intimidating but bear in mind that it's all olive oil, which is very healthy, so I had no issue dipping the bread in the sauce as well. This is one of my favourite dish.

Croquetas de Jamon

Lightly fried jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes with alioli. When this dish was presented, I was expecting a crispy outer layer and a chewy center (because of the Jamon). To my surprise, the crust was so light and fluffy, and my teeth sank in because the crust is so soft. The filling is also fluffy, because the potatoes were mashed to a fine paste. Tastes very light and it was not at all salty. This was the most favourable tapas at our table that night.

Coca de Cebolla con Pimientos

Thin crispy flatbread topped with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, anchovies and manchego cheese. I loved how the rocket leaves add a slighty bitter tanginess to the anchovies taste. The flatbread wasn't dry at all the layer of bread just under the cheese was full of flavor.

Pulpo a la Gallega

Sliced tender octopus with paprika and olive oil and served with potato puree. This dish does not taste like octopus at all, because the octopus meat was sooo tender! Unlike typical octopus dishes where the meat is usually quite chewy, this meat is really soft.

Chuletillas de Cordero

Pan seared baby lamb cutlets, sauteed chickpeas and spinach. Baby lamb's meat tend to be softer and less gamey than more mature lambs, and this one did not disappoint. The tender meat, seared to a beautiful medium rare comes right off, and in no time I had finished the dish and still wanting more. The sides complement the dishes really well with the texture of the crispy potato wedges, cut to small bite-sized pieces. The spinach and chickpeas are a beautiful side dish as well, ate it with the vinegar drizzled over the dish.

Tarta de Chocolate

A triple layer of crumbly crust, a truffle-like interior, and a shiny glaze make this tartlet irresistible to chocolate lovers. Served with homemade strawberry ice cream and salted caramel almond bits. This dish isn't too sweet which is what I like. The tart crust is a hard, a contrast to the centre, chewy and truffly. This is an award-winning dish that the chef submitted for a competition and won back in Philipines. I can tell why it was the winner, this dessert may look simple but don't be fooled, have a taste and you might be pleasantly surprised at it's depth of texture and flavour.

For my first experience with Spanish food, I really loved the food, and it opened my eyes to the Spanish culture a little more. All the ingredients and wine in MLTB, except for the water, are imported straight from Spanish, so you can really experience Spain's finest flavors. If you are looking for some straight-edge authentic tapas to go with your alcohol, you have got to try this bar at least once.
Recommended Dish(es):  Tarta de Chocolate,Gambas Picantes,Croquetas de Jamon,Chuletillas de Cordero
Date of Visit: Feb 23, 2015 

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