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Lack of efforts placed on food Cry Aug 03, 2014   
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Categories : Cantonese/Hong Kong | Hotel | Restaurant | Dim Sum | Seafood

It was a disappointing dining experience for us in Golden Peony on 30 July 2014. Both my wife & me were very much looking forward to bring one of our closest friends here together with his family, for celebrating his birthday. As Conrad is a world class hotel & Golden Peony a multi awards winning restaurant, I felt this should be the right selection, as I am very particular when bringing my guests to eat with us. Not so much on the venue, but the quality of the food taste. At the start, It was great as I made my reservation with Jenny and her service was good! As we reached the restaurant, we were also greeted by her and brought us to the table which was arranged for us. Without prompting, she allocated 2 stands for us to put our stuff! Along the way from entrance, multi awards even dated last year were presented very nicely. The menu indicating our chosen package was very nicely decorated, even the tables, chairs, cutlery are of high quality. The art pieces also helped to make the ambience great. However, it was quite a surprise that we were the only customers, except for one private dining area.

Once my guests arrived, we were served the complimentary birthday buns, a nice gesture from the restaurant. From here, everything went down hill. I ordered the Onyx Set Menu ($68++ per person)- The first dish, Deep-fried Bacon Rolled with Asparagus, topped with Mayonnaise and Dried Shaved Bonito Flakes Chilled Sea Jelly with Ginger Purée, felt plain. Even worse, 2nd dish, Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Morel Mushroom,Whole Conpoy filled in Chinese Marrow, felt diluted. 3rd dish was the worst, Sautéed and Golden-fried Fillet of Grouper, served with Seasonal Vegetables- The same fillet in school canteen would taste even better. After a couple more dishes, to be fair, there was one dish which I hope the rest of the dishes could have the same quality of taste- Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Crab Meat, served with ‘Choy Sum’. It could have been a much better evening, as all of us expected great tasting food but the food was well below average among the local Chinese restaurants.
Date of Visit: Jul 30, 2014 

Celebration:  生日 

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