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Food Hunting: A Casual Dinner Smile Apr 18, 2015   
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Categories : Japanese | Sushi/Sashimi

We made a reservation before heading down to the restaurant, and luckily we did. There was a long awaiting queue of hungry potential customers. The restaurant was bustling with people, waiters and waitresses took orders efficiently as soon as they encounter interactions.

While waiting for the friend to arrive, boy and I ordered some appetizers, we had grilled salmon sushi, fried salmon skins, two yakitoris and a set of yakiudon. They came with standard and unique tastes. The plate of fried salmon skins would definitely go will with sake and shochu, they were sliced thinly, slightly saltish and crispily fried. Yakitori were slightly costly, but they definitely worth the money spent. The udon was fresh and non too soft, the way it was yaki-ed, it blended well with the sauce and eggs. Oh, and a bowl of miso soup comes along with it.

Soon after with the arrival of the friend, we placed additional orders of, hot green tea, fried shitake mushrooms, Shiok Maki (both generations) and a plate of codfish with mentai sauce. It was our first time here and we merely went on instincts when we chose our delights. I would say that the dishes here depend heavily on their unique blends of sauces, so if you are a sauce lover like I am, you ought to enjoy your stay here.

The main difference between the two generations of Shiok Maki, is that the first comes with unagi as it's main ingredient and the second comes with tempura prawns. Personally I prefer the second because I'm not exactly a fan of unagi. However, for fans, the first is, no doubt, yummy.

Three of us didn't even have the stomach for desserts after that.  yummy
Recommended Dish(es):  Shiok Maki,Yakitori,Yakiudon
Table Wait Time: 5 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Apr 17, 2015 

Spending per head: Approximately $30(Dinner)

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