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This is esp4yu living in Woodlands. I like to hang out in Woodlands. Chinese are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hawker Centre and Buffet , Dim Sum.
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Categories : Beijing | Zi Char

Olden times Restaurant

Olden times Restaurant


It is indeed a pleasurable and welcoming experience being invited to food tasting at one of the better known Dian Xiao Er Restaurants at Bishan. They have 10 outlets and each have similar but uniquely differing décor and ambience. I heard they would customize the dish to the customers based on what they learnt from them … This differentiates them from just any other restaurants like most Chinese always do … Relationship building.

Last week’s dinner menu was a variation of Set-B, with the replacement of Luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot, ending with a treat of dessert. The Cold Double-Boiled Hashima brings the pre-festive meal to a close and it was a beautifully crafted suggestion.Last week’s dinner menu was a variation of Set-B, with the replacement of Luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot, ending with a treat of dessert. The Cold Double-Boiled Hashima brings the pre-festive meal to a close and it was a beautifully crafted suggestion.

Simple as it is a lot of preparation goes into this appetizer. After pouring in the ingridients and sauces, normally by the diners themselves, the dish need to be toss and as high as possible.

Tossing of Yu Sheng for Abundance and Prosperity

Tossing of Yu Sheng for Abundance and Prosperity

Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng
This Teochew-Style raw fish salad popular amongst Chinese during Chinese New Year (CNY) is supposed to be served on the 7th day of the Lunar Year but nowadays, people just love to savor the dish even before CNY. The tossing of ingredients symbolizes prosperity and longevity and what a way to begin the year of the Sheep / Goat at Dian Xiao Er.

Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Conpoy
I thought I never get to taste Shark Fin again in a restaurant … In fact I felt a little guilty as I believe in conservation but the taste lure me away. The delicately prepared double boiled broth with crab and conpoy just brings out the flavorfulness of the soup.

Signature Herbal Roast Duck with Ten Wonders Sauce
Not exactly like roasted goose I tasted in Hong Kong but definitely more than a substitute, in fact a must try. This tender succulent duck is roasted with Ten Wonders Sauce. We also get to try out the other 2 sauces: Angelica Herb and Wild Ginseng. My personal choice of sauce to go with the Ten Wonder roasted duck: Wild Ginseng. I give this dish 5-star

Sautéed Baby Lobsters with Pumpkin Sauce
Pumpkin Sauce to go with Baby Lobster … What a choice! I love the taste of the unique blend coconut with salted eggs and the infusion of spices simply goes very well with pumpkin sauce. This dish would have gotten better rating if not for other better dishes ahead … I would give this a 4-star for now.

Prosperous Braised Trotters

Among all the dishes, this dish brings out the best of the best from Dian Xiao Er …The Braised Trotters just melts in your mouth. The dish is beautifully presented with greens and goes very well with green broccoli, peas and mushrooms.

Chinese dish should never goes without fish and I must say the size of the Pomfret certainly raise eye brows and gives everyone more than a fair share. This Pomfret steamed in Cantonese style together with thinly sliced spring onions, carrots, ginger, onion and chives truly brings out the aroma of the fish.

Luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot
I would have placed this as my number one dish, had the mushroom and pea also been used in the Braised Trotter but its certainly makes one feels rich, enjoying the luxury of high society dishes ... No wonder this dish is a treasure pot. The wholesome sauce goes very well with black moss and the tasty and crunchy sea cucumber, simply compliment with the tender succulent abalone.

Double-Boiled Chilled Hashima
Last but not least, our dessert was the Double-Boiled Chilled Hashima … What a refreshing ending. The idea of this dessert originates from the term “Hasma”, related to frogs … but the extra smooth, refreshing and sweet Hashima, just makes one forget the origin instead one feel heavenly and completely fulfill after a sumptuous dinner at Dian Xiao Er.

Supplementary Information:
They have ongoing promotions such as for 2 or more pax at reasonable prices. The privilege card is also worth exploring ... For more information refer to
Recommended Dish(es):  Prosperous Braised Trotters,Luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot,Signature Herbal Roast Duck with Ten Wonders,Sautéed Baby Lobsters with Pumpkin Sauce,Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Conpoy,Hong Kong Style Chinese Pomfret,Double-Boiled Chilled Hashima
Table Wait Time: 1 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jan 26, 2015 

Celebration:  團年飯 

Spending per head: Approximately $49(Dinner)

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