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Harry's new revamped menu OK Jun 04, 2015   
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Categories : Bars/Lounges

Singapore’s most well established dining and bar chain, Harry’s, has launched a brand new menu. At its latest outlet in Clarke Quay, the interior design takes inspiration from Harry’s travels and adventures around the world. Harry’s is also a great place for live sports viewing while enjoying the night.


The pretty interior

Starting off with Fish Cracking, the fish skin are tossed with spices and accompanied with garlic mayonnaise to make it more savoury with the aromatic touch.

Made with Eel skin, these cracklings are crispy and doesn’t go soft even after we left it for 1 hour.

Harry’s Signature Wings, our hot favourite. With Harry’s own homemade chilli jam, the wings are much more savoury. The homemade chilli jam taste like the chilli sauce you get when you order nasi lemak, but the difference is that this chilli jam is much more spicier. Despite having a low tolerance for spicy food, this chilli jam just makes me crave for more.

Next up is the Crab and Potato cakes. This dish has a strong hint of lemon grass. So people who has a liking for lemon grass will definitely love this dish. Together with their sweet chilli sauce, it is definitely delicious

This Jalapeno Sliders are small bite sized burgers. The meat and seasonings are tasty, but just not to my liking as the pepper doesn't go well with the meat inside.

Dirty Harry. Vodka with lime and lychee mixed with brown sugar, to give it the fruity taste. It is indeed refreshing and goes well with the platters.

No, those look like charcoal but they're not. This dish is Chicken Masala, a pot of curry chicken accompanied with bread that looks like charcoal.

Toffee Apple Crumble. the crumble are abit hard to bite, with apple slices spreaded across the base. Topped with Vanilla ice cream, it is a perfect dessert to end off your meal.

Recommended Dish(es):  Fish Crackling,Harry's Signature Wings,Jalapeno Steak sliders,Dirty Harry,Chicken Masala,Toffee Apple Crisp
Dining Offers: 試食活動

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