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Categories : European | Japanese | Restaurant | Vegetarian | Fine Dining

"Joie" is to be pronounced as "joy"
this restaurant serves only set menus for you to enjoy.
During lunch, it's a 6 course.
During dinner, it's one course more.
My lunch was, but a mind blowing experience.

The restaurant is in black grandeur,
The table setting in fine-dining splendor
The service staff with impeccable service elegance
The menu impresses with a language of culinary excellence.

I say Joie is vegetarian.
They say Joie is meatless.

The dishes were all beautifully presented.
Each dish though had to be described, explained,
understood and with photos taken.
...before some of us allow the dish to be eaten.

Not before giving away 5 tasting portion or trying the 1x5 other portions.
Go through this motion 6x (6 courses)
Plus the number of dining friends (6 in my case.)

So to say the lunch was such a tiresome affair was an understatement.
That was why I say, my lunch was but
a Mind Blowing experience.

For the complete review with descriptions on each dish, please read here:






Recommended Dish(es):  Cream of Mushroom with truffles shavings.
Table Wait Time: 0 minute(s)

Spending per head: Approximately $45(Lunch)

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