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6-piece Original Wings Value Meal Smile Jul 01, 2015   
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Categories : American | Fast Food | Halal | Burgers and Sandwiches

It was my first time visiting Wing Zone and I decided to dine in the restaurant because I had a strong craving for chicken wings. I decided to order the 6-piece value meal for lunch. Wing Zone offers a huge variety of flavours so I asked the cashier staff to recommend some of the more popular flavours to me. I decided to go with Sweet Samurai for its teriyaki flavour. 

The waiting time was pretty quick and my food came quite promptly. I absolutely loved my choice! Being a chicken wing lover, I think that the wings served were really commendable  because the skin was crispy and the flesh was juicy and succulent. The sauce that I chose was sweet and tasty and I really enjoyed it very much. However, the serving size was pretty small and I didn't have enough of the wings. The wedge fries made up for it though. I felt a lot fuller by the time I finished my fries. 

I must also commend the service staff in Wing Zone. I must say that they are all pretty well-trained. They were very knowledgeable about the different flavours offered in the restaurant and could answer all my questions when I prompted them at the counter. Furthermore, they were very approachable when serving the food to me and were quick to accede to my requests whenever I called for them. 

I would have prefered it if the restaurant was more brightly lit though. It was kind of weird that the speakers were playing pop music rather loudly, with the screening of "laughs for gags" but the choice of furniture and lighting seemed to create a more "cosy" environment. 

Nevertheless, it was a largely pleasant experience here at Wing Zone and I would definitely love to come back again.
Recommended Dish(es):  Sweet Samurai
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jun 30, 2015 

Spending per head: Approximately $10.95(Lunch)

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