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This is Hjosi living in Tiong Bahru. I like to hang out in Arab Street, Orchard, Tiong Bahru. Japanese, Korean, Indonesian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Café, Food Court, Restaurant and Buffet , Korean Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ.
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Chicken Up! Smile Dec 18, 2015   
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Categories : Korean | Korean Fried Chicken

Located at the first floor of Parkway Parade, the restaurant is very cozy and warm feeling with rusty decoration and dim light. It will make you feel like in the bar, ready to hang out drink with your friends.heart

1. Pineapple Soju ($30)
Served with a whole pineapple, who needs a bowl when you can enjoy the drink with the fruit itself?
The sweet taste of the pineapple gets along really well with soju. Super refreshing, but drink it slowly! This can make you forget how much Soju you’ve already

2. Topokki with Cheese and Seafood ($20)
Red sauce with tteok and seafood (prawn, scallop, tofu and fish cake) accompanied with glass noodle, top with melted cheese really satisfies your craving for spicy food.
OMG I like this, I like to chew the tteok!
Some people might find it too spicy, but for me you haven’t eaten a topokki till you have it

3. Makguksu ($12)
Who says you cannot enjoy summer in the middle of raining season. Just go down to Chicken Up to enjoy a bowl of it.
Cold buckwheat noodles presented in the colorful vegetable (red cabbage, carrot, cucumber) with vinegar, yellow mustard and Korean chili paste dressing.
Topped with seaweed and hardboiled egg.
It is really refreshing! As if you’re having summer inside your tummy.excited

4. Ugly Tang Stew ($30)
Next stop we have Ungly Tang stew that serves 3 to 4 people.
They actually cooked it on the spot after we ordered, though it took a while but it was really worth it, because it's a family pot with Pork belly, ham, sausages, mix vegetable, macaroni, bake bean, cheese, noodle, tteok. Woah that’s a lot right?
Served while hot and it’s all flavorful.
If you really into soups, I would recommend this dish because it really is exotic.

5. Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings ($12 / 5pc)
It’s a deep fried chicken and it's really crispy and fully cooked.
Every bite you’ll take will give you a soft texture of meat which was marinated with sauce till the insides.
So they really captured the flavor on that one.
If you're like me and you like chicken wings I can recommend this one for you.

6. Yangnyum Chicken Wings ($12 / 5pc)
Like the last one, compared with the Soya chicken, the Yangnyum chicken sauce is more sour and sweet. Because I’m a fried chicken lover, both of them are served really well. But for me I prefer the Yangnyum chicken as the strong sauce will make you to order for more!

7. Bulgogi Fries ($18)
Wonderful! It's da Bomb! My first impression is that I've never heard of this kind of dish before, so its new!
Thin sliced beef marinated in sweet bulgogi sauce topped with the crispy fries and finished with mayonnaise sauce and chopped shallots.
I keep scooping the fries; it will make you come back for more
Basically two of my favorite things got married and this is the product.smileheart

8. Kimchi Fries ($18)
As we have 2 kinds of chicken, we also have 2 kinds of fries.
In my opinion, kimchi and fries doesn’t blend well.
Because fries become very soggy from the kimchi juice. And the kimchi flavor is overpowering the other ingredients.
But if you’re a food explorer and you’re adventurous, please go for this one.
It has both unique and exotic taste *they got kimchi
Yep just go for it.

9. Seafood Pancake ($18)
In my opinion it’s not really my preference but if I were to analyze this is the Jeon family. They got spring onion, mix seafood with spicy dipping sauce on the side.
I found it too flimsy and too soft; I expected something more crispy on the edge.
But you might have a different take on this, but still I would recommend this to some people who like soft things to accompany other crispy dish.

10. Jabchae ($14)
The glass noodle, which is also pronounced as Jabchae, has just the right portion to give you room for the other dishes in the restaurant.
I like the sauce because it really sweet. If you’re aiming for a low calorie intake I would recommend Jabchae for you, because they are healthy.

11. Watermelon Soju Shell ($38)
From the look of it I’m guessing, it's something to enjoy with your colleagues or friends and families.
It's similar with the pineapple soju, and very fun to share with other people.
The presentation also surprised me haha..
They have really outdone themselves, using an actual watermelon as the large bowl for the soju. Also it comes with dry ice on the bottom to make it remain cool.
An epic entry when they have smokes!
Not just the presentation but the flavor also, if you like Soju and watermelon it’s in your must try list.
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Date of Visit: Dec 08, 2015 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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