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Categories : Chinese Steamboat/Hot Pot

This review is based on an invited food tasting, I will provide my earnest feedback regarding the food. Services wise, of course I am given special treatment but I would prefer to provide my feedback as a neutral customer. So, I am a bit reserved to comment on the services.

The design and decoration of the restaurants looks ordinary to me and the spaces is tight and uncomfortable. Personally, I don't recommend for official dining event but good for family and friends gathering.

The foods are very different from other ordinary steamboat restaurants, all dishes are specially designed and freshly hand made. An ordinary diner like me can tell the differences of the fresh food. However, I am disappointed with the sauces as compared to another famous steamboat restaurant.

There are only 2 dishes which attracted my attentions from the positive mind:
1) Freshly Cultured Sea Prawns with Marbled Beef - the fresh prawn attracted my attention, a bite gives me the feeling of swimming in the sea;
2) Family Bliss Freshly Handcrafted Dou Lao Meat Balls - 6 types of meat balls which you cannot find it elsewhere, very special taste and each is unique.

Extremely fresh ingredients particularly the seafood.

Recommended Dish(es):  Freshly Cultured Sea Prawns with Marbled Beef,Family Bliss Freshly Handcrafted Dou Lao Meat Balls
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Date of Visit: Jan 07, 2016 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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