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This is devincl living in River Valley. I also love Interested in molecular gastronomy.
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Categories : Italian | Pasta

Senso's atmosphere is elegant and consistent with its claim of being a fine dining restaurant. It's setting reflects the best of Club Street and provides the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner or special occasion. Just don't look to the food for inspiration.

I visited there recently and was impressed with the ambiance but underwhelmed by the food. My appetizer was the Parma ham wrapped around mozzarella cheese. The accompanying greens provided a bitter and refreshing accompaniment but the dish represented pretty standard Italian fare and not worth the $28 price tag.

My main course was the saffron risotto with duck liver. The risotto was under seasoned and bland which was surprising as you'd expect more from a saffron based dish. The duck liver had a well cooked exterior with a creamy texture on the inside. The one surprise was the sour cherries that dotted the risotto. The pleasant visual presentation didn't carry through to the taste because the acidity in some of the cherries was way too strong and was like biting into a very sour lime. I assume the idea is to use the acid to cut through the richness of the duck liver which is a great idea but didn't quite work.

I left half of the main course uneaten and the waiter expressed some surprise but there was no further action or inquiry.

Senso is a great place to go to experience an upscale dining experience in a lively part of downtown - just temper your expectations on the food and if you are really looking for value for money then maybe this isn't the place for you.
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