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Homely, Korean Food OK Sep 07, 2013   
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Categories : Korean | Restaurant | Army Stew

Suyuk Boilex Pork

Suyuk Boilex Pork

Bigmama doesn’t have the polished skills of a professional restaurant, which really does resemble home cooking a lot. However the problem is I don’t really have a affinity to Korean home-cooking since I’m Singaporean, so I couldn’t really appreciate the homeliness of the dishes. Also, Bigmama might have tuned a few dishes to suit Singaporean preferences as the taste profile differed from the ones in Korea. It’s a smart business move in a way, but then it starts drifting away from being authentic which conflicts the entire style.

In terms of affordability, I don’t think it’s as cheap as some other reviewers put it out to be. The simple menu is also roughly $10-$12 for single portion of mix rice or noodles, which is in the normal restaurant range compared to food court Korean food which is about $7-$8.

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Date of Visit: Sep 05, 2013 

Spending per head: Approximately $40(Dinner)

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