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Categories : Italian | Restaurant | Pasta | Steaks and Grills

Astelle and I were really lucky to be selected as one of the 6 couples for the OpenRice and Between* event on 17 Nov 13. Venue was Supply and Demand.

It was our first time there and honestly we did not know what to expect. Personally I read up on the restaurant and the general comment was Italian and Peruvian so I didn't really know what to expect. Making this all a bit exciting.

We spent some time searching for the restaurant, as we were not too familiar with the esplanade grounds. Although located slightly away from the main area at Esplanade (i.e. Harry's bar etc) it was very easy to locate the restaurant due to the décor placed just outside the restaurant.

Supply and Demand

Ornaments and Menu just outside the restaurant

OpenRice and Between* kindly put together the following dinner menu for our consideration:

Appetizers (To share):
- Shrimp and Avocado Salad
- Fries with a Side of Guilt

Choice of Mains:
9' inch Pizza from the menu selection

Pasta (Spaghetti or Penne)
- All' Arrabbiata
- Ragu Di Maiale
- Carbonara Classic
- Maiale Orientale

Dessers (1 of the following)
- Italian Style Tiramisu
- Molton Chocolate Cake
- Textured Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel

and Drinks.

After much thought and debate, Astelle and I decided on the following items:

Maiale Orientale Pasta

Jeremy from OpenRice mentioned that this is a very peruvian style of cooking pasta. I feel that there was also a Asian style fused into it. The dish reminded me of Thai Basil Leaf Minced Pork (Pa Ka Prow Moo) with Pasta. Just less spicy and with a more fragrant herb taste. This is good for adventurous eaters who are on the look out for new tastes.

Carbonara Classic

I have always always always liked to eat CARBONARA since I was a kid and I am constantly on the look out for good Carbonaras. The Carbonara served at Supply and Demand ranks in my top 5 Carbonaras in Singapore. I usually prefer to have my Carbonara with more sauce (e.g. Yomenya Goemon). However, the amount of sauce and portion of pasta in the Carbonara Classic was just right due to its rich taste. I particularly like the cheesy flavour of the Carbonara Classic.


The tiramisu came in a glass jar (similar in size to the one served at Poulèt). It comes in a generous serving that is enough for two persons to share. The Tiramisu is creamy and not too sweet. The lady fingers are thoroughly soaked with coffee and you can taste it in every mouthful of Tiramisu that you take. We shared our Tiramisu with Between* Co-founder Jake, who also thought it was wonderful.

Fries with a Side of Guilt
(Apologies we can only post 8 photos ): )

Very good side dish. We were very impressed that the fries are not the pre-packed kind and are probably cut by the restaurant. They are thick slices of potato, come dipped in cheese sauce with an option to dip into the 'Guilt' sauce (which resembles barbecue sauce). Despite the fries being thick, the texture of the fries is just right and not over nor under cooked.

Maybe this won't strike you at first but the décor inside the restaurant is unassuming and comfortable. The lighting and music further enhanced the atmosphere making it an ideal place for any get togethers, be it with friends or for a romantic night out.

A unique collection of items at the counter greets you as you walk into the restaurant

Homely and warm design

Creative use of space to create a more homely atmosphere in the form of a library/study on the stairs. You can even borrow the books to read in the restaurant! (We think (: )

The stairs leads to a nice rooftop bar with a nice cosy corners where you can relax and catch activities on going in the bay. You can adjourn there for drinks after dinner and chill.

If you are looking for a restaurant with delicious food and great ambience, Supply & Demand is definitely a place you should check out (:
Recommended Dish(es):  Cabonara Classic,Tiramisu,Fries with Sinful Dips
Date of Visit: Nov 17, 2013 

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