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Categories : Middle Eastern/Mediterranean | Restaurant | Steaks and Grills | Salads

Second visit to Singapore, but first time to Dempsey. My friend is vegetarian, so we were searching a restaurant that serves vegetarian menu. Thanks to their lovely staff and clear menu, we found it right away.


Indoor dining area. Comfortable & Relaxing.


Outdoor dining area.  Feel the Greek vibe.


We ordered fries as side dish. Crispy, Hot and fresh. Well-seasoned with salt and some parsley (if I didn't get that wrong) on top. 


My friend ordered her vegetarian dish (I guess it's roast veggies and potatoes, which my dish had some as well). Looks good at least... My friend only said it's yummy mad


Lamb. Perfectly-cooked, well-seasoned, not as greasy as I assumed it would be.
Recommended Dish(es):  Lamb
Table Wait Time: 0 minute(s)

Date of Visit: Jul 24, 2018 

Spending per head: Approximately $20(Dinner)

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