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Good Porridge  Smile  2019-05-28
Read about it on social reviews and highly recommended. So drove there first time to check out the signature porridge. Thick porridge, lots of contents:meat balls, cuttlefish, fish, century egg, liver and even intestine. Price is $...

Middle Eastern cuisine is really unfamiliar territory, though I do note there is some Italian semblance of spaghetti. We had lamb shank, chicken tangine, spaghetti, soup (a la Egyptian). The lamb shank is a huge portion, and the c...

Good food and ambiance  Smile  2019-05-18
Tonight dinner we had imperial roast pork ribs, white chicken, tofu and spinach with salted eggs. The quality remains consistent. The chicken smoothness is better than the branch in AMK. The pork ribs were tasty, and so were the r...
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