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This is bhavina living in River Valley. I am a StudentI like to hang out in Bugis, Clarke Quay, Orchard. Italian, Thai, Mexican are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bakery, Bars/Lounges, Café and Pasta, xiao long baos, quesadillas, desserts!!.
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bhavina  Level 4
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i'm always on the hunt for new joints to check out which have a great variety of food at reasonable prices! :D
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Nasi Padang  Smile  2012-04-02
Came here for lunch with friends. There was a long queue for the Nasi Padang stall and I heard a few people raving about it. I ordered a potato cutlet, egg, ikan bilis and curry chicken. I would have to say, the food is really good!...

Fried Beancurd  OK  2012-04-02
Out for dinner with my best friend, we came to Lerk Thai. Ordered a few dishes and the one I'll be reviewing is their Fried Beancurd. The fried beancurd was sadly a let down. It was very crispy which was good but it was very bl...

Spicy Sausage  OK  2012-04-02
After a day out with my girls, we were a little hungry and decided to get some snacks. I decided to try the Black Taj as it was a new shop. I ordered 2 Spicy Sausages. Sadly, the sausage tasted very normal and it did not have the...
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